A Discovery of Witches: 5 reasons you should be watching this magical series

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Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop – A Discovery of Witches _ Season 1 – Photo Credit: Adrian Rogers/SKY Productions/Sundance Now

1. The characters are complex

Diana is the audience surrogate and right away she stands out among a lot of supernatural heroines. She values her intelligence and curiosity above all else which is why she is so focused on her career. Even when Matthew first approaches her, he doesn’t attempt some kind of silly pick-up line but instead attempts to enter a conversation about her work. Gillian, her sort-of friend, is jealous of her friend’s ability to shine in an academic setting and of her vocational success.

Her opposing force, Satu, is equally intriguing to watch on screen. She’s very forward and aggressive, something not often seen by female villains. In fact, she doesn’t really care about this missing Ashmole text and finds herself much more interested in Diana. Throughout the course of A Discovery of Witches, the show develops her character to be someone equally curious and able to compromise with other creatures but lacking the empathy Diana does in her pursuit of answers.

These aren’t the only two who will enrapture audiences though. Matthew and his family are all flawed as well as unique. His son, Marcus, is a hard-partying doctor who is dismissed as immature and young by both Matthew and Miriam but is deeply loyal to the people he cares about. Throughout the season he also maintains a steady head even when problems begin to arise. The book is told from Diana’s point of view but the show develops a lot of the secondary characters who you’ll fall in love with right away.

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A Discovery of Witches airs at 9 PM EST on AMC and is also available through AMC’s Premium Service, Shudder, or Sundance Now.

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