The Detour: Season 4 trailer teases a new globe-trotting adventure


The Detour sets a return date for season 4 and reveals a new trailer.

It may have been a long wait but TBS has finally given fans some new information on the upcoming season. Deadline confirmed The Detour would be back this summer with even more globe-trotting adventures for the Parker family.

Warning: Spoilers for The Detour season 3 below 

The hilarious comedy finished its third season with a major cliffhanger for the family. Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) decided it was time to figure things out on her own and ran away from her parents. Unfortunately, her mother Robin (Natalie Zea) has given her all of the skills to disappear throughout the three seasons after the family had moved town to town to avoid USPIS.

Season 4 of The Detour will center around the family desperately searching the world for Delilah. Her twin brother, Jareb/Jared (Liam Carroll) may at least have some resources at his disposal as a popular mayor in Alaska. However, life looks like it’s still going to be throwing everything it can at Nate Parker (Jason Jones) in the pursuit to find his daughter.

The new teaser sees Nate falling down a mountain just as he reached the top. Somehow, he manages to survive but he’s still pretty beaten up from it. At least Robin is able to take the perfect selfie by the time her husband lands back on their tent. No sign of Jareb in the trailer though, should we be worried about him?

During press for the movie What Men Want, co-creator and star Jason Jones spoke to Metro and actually revealed the show would be traveling to many new locations. He confirmed viewers can look forward to the Parkers heading to Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Tibet, Iran, and Paraguay.

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The Detour will return to TBS on June 18 at 10:30 PM EST. That late time slot already seems like a hint of the hijinks to come in the new season.

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Source: Deadline