The Gifted is officially canceled but could it live on elsewhere?


The Gifted has officially met its end on FOX.

Deadline has confirmed that the X-Men series won’t be continuing on its current network. The blow doesn’t come as a huge surprise for fans considering The Gifted pulled in some pretty lackluster ratings. However, the writing has been on the wall for the Marvel series before the season even premiered. A lack of advertisement for the second season, long hiatuses, and a time slot shift midway through hurt the show from the get-go.

However, there’s still a chance the show could live onThe Gifted is produced by Marvel Television which means a shift to Hulu, where both seasons are already streaming, or Disney+ is possible. Deadline reported no official discussions have taken place but it is certainly possible now that the Disney/Fox merger has taken place.

The Gifted had decent delayed numbers and online viewership which could warrant a second look. As showrunner Matt Nix mentioned earlier this year, he thought the series shifting to a streaming network would ultimately be better in the long term.

Marvel has made it clear they don’t plan to introduce mutants into the MCU until they can find the right time which could be a couple of years. The Gifted has a built-in audience and takes place in a much different world than the rest of the Marvel shows. Keeping it around for a shortened season would be beneficial for at least having a mutant presence without having the show’s decisions impact any of the larger MCU.

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While the second season was met with some mixed feelings by fans, I genuinely loved it. The Gifted was far from a perfect show, but the cast was always phenomenal and it had a lot of heart. Not to mention, I think every X-Men fan was hoping to see the direction a season 3 would take after that cliffhanger finale (Hint: Think Days of Future Past)!

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Source: Deadline