On My Block season 2 premiere recap: Chapter Eleven


On My Block fans just want to know one thing–did Ruby survive?

On My Block left off on an intense cliffhanger in season one and the season two premiere wastes no time letting us know what happened as a result. It’s not all good news, but rest assured, at least one person made it out alive. Who might that be? Our dear Ruby.

Season two picks up with Ruby’s brother, Mario, returning home with his pregnant girlfriend, Amber. Mario’s mom is not ecstatic over the news and her stress only rises when she learns Mario wants to quit school, live at home, and have Amber join him. The general response is as you would imagine, a resounding hell no.

It doesn’t help that Amber is a bit ignorant when it comes to the family’s culture and says some very offensive things. All in all, Mario’s family is not eager to bring her in but have no choice because she is carrying Mario’s baby.

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As I mentioned before, Ruby managed to survive the gunshot but Olivia didn’t. It’s a sad reminder to the state of their neighborhood but it doesn’t stop them from mourning her loss. On the surface, Ruby seems like he’s doing alright, but he hasn’t cried or shown any emotion since that day.

On My Block focuses a bit on Ruby’s PTSD from that night every time he hears loud noises. It takes him back to the unfortunate night and all the things that occurred.

Ruby walks out to Olivia’s memorial in the front yard and starts bawling over losing someone he cared so much about. And just as this moment unfolds, Ceaser happens to stop by.

Let’s not forget that things are a bit awkward right now because the shooting happened because the guy was after Ceaser. And coming into season two, things are not that great for him. He’s been banished from the Santos and has nowhere to go. For a short bit of time, he stays at Monse’s, that is until her father finds out.

Luckily, Ceaser finds some solace in learning that Ruby doesn’t blame him for what happened. They have been, are, and will always be friends. That’s just how it is–no matter how Ruby’s family feels.

If you recall, Jamal found the Rollerworld money but has kept it a secret after everything that’s happened. Unfortunately, he runs into a few problems when he finds that money is missing and no longer where he left it. Oh, Jamal. You really are a goof.

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I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge that I’m loving Ceaser and Monse together this season. They’ve matured in so many ways and are quite adorable for a teenage couple. Their life isn’t like anyone else’s but they’re making it work. It’s admirable and cute, and something we were itching for from season one.

After losing Olivia, Ruby is back to square one in the girl department. It was a tough loss but I guess there’s always Jasmine. She is head over heels for Ruby and going out of her way to be a part of his life and family. There’s something about her that just sort of works in the context of On My Block, and as annoying as she is, I’m starting to warm up to her.