On My Block season 2, episode 3 recap: Chapter Thirteen


Abuelita comes in clutch on this episode of On My Block after Jamal struggles to find a way to clean his money.

On My Block has brought an interesting character with Jamal, and I’m not sure how I feel about him. He’s just weird, and his obsession with gnomes even stranger. But he does add an element of comedic relief so he’s alright, I suppose. But, seriously, what is up with the gnomes?!

With so much money on Jamal’s hands, he starts to panic about what he should do about it. They can’t just spend it because it’s not clean so they have to figure out a way to do so. Enter Abuelita. She has a business and its run on cash, but since she wasn’t their first option, she doesn’t really want to help. But after demanding a 35% cut and getting it, she’s on board.

Monty’s return puts Ceaser out of a living situation once again, and it’s not looking that great. Monse decides they need to come up with the money to help him out and seeks help from her mother (who doesn’t know Monse is her daughter). During this meeting, Monse talks all about her life until Julia connects the dots–this is her daughter! She comes clean about her identity, even though Monse already knew.

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There’s some traction on the Jasmine and Ruby front in this episode of On My Block, and it’s one that we very much needed. Ruby hasn’t been the nicest guy to Jasmine, but she has never stopped loving him or taking care of him.

In fact, she goes above and beyond with whatever he asks of her. However, after she takes him home and introduces him to her father, Ruby’s perspective changes. Her father is a vet who is unable to do anything for himself and is taken care of by Jasmine.

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Despite his recent loss in faith, he promises to a higher power that he will be nicer to Jasmine from now on. She’s actually a nice human and she deserves his respect, not his attitude and disgust. Finally! I was starting to feel bad for Jasmine so I’m glad Ruby came around.

After destroying the field in pursuit of the Rollerworld money, Jamal is finally caught via the school’s security footage. The damage will cost the school a lot of money and so he basically is forced to be Coach Ron’s lackey until he can pay off the amount he owes.

The best part of the episode? Realizing that Jasmine is the real MVP of On My Block.