On My Block season 2, episode 7 recap: Chapter Seventeen


On My Block fans, will Ceaser tell Monse about hooking up with Paula?

On My Block has us feeling conflicted over Ceaser’s hookup. Was he in the wrong since he and Monse weren’t talking? Or is it okay? Better yet, is it worse that he didn’t come clean about it from the get-go? Well, he may not know the answer, but Monse certainly has an opinion on it.

But before we talk all about Monse and Ceaser, let’s talk some more gnomes. Yes, I said it–gnomes. It’s no secret Jamal has an obsession with them and even talks with his own gnome, Juanita. Chivo tries to mess with Jamal by making him think gnomes are stalking him and finally tells Jamal that he wants Juanita back.

You may recall Mario cheated on Amber with a girl from the Santos party, and now he’s struggling to tell Amber the truth. Mario wants to come clean about what he did, but Monse doesn’t think that’s a good idea. This makes Ceaser wonder if he should Monse what happened with Paula, so instead, he tells Jamal. That probably wasn’t the best idea. Just saying.

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There’s no time to worry about all of that because Amber goes into labor. And while Ruby’s mom wasn’t excited for the baby at first, she’s over the moon excited once it all starts happening. But then the baby comes out–and it’s half black. So, that eliminates Mario as the father, doesn’t it?

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Worried that the money was causing the curse in the household, the group is ready to burn all the money. But it turns out that it wasn’t the money that didn’t belong, it was Amber. Oh snaps! And before we can get comfortable in any capacity, this On My Block episode ends with a bullet on Ruby’s doorstep. Well, then.