On My Block season 2, episode 6 recap: Chapter Sixteen


Things are getting heated on On My Block as the Santos’ truce comes to an end.

On My Block is making things problematic for Ceaser with every passing episode and after Ruby’s drunk speech in the last episode–things are about to get worse. As a result, Ceaser is in a lot of danger and with nowhere to go, Monty gives him a place to hide out in Monse’s room. How things have changed, right?

On the other hand, the cleaning money situation has hit a dead-end after Abuelita learns that the money is cursed. She does not want to deal with it any longer, and who can blame her. Considering she’s spent some of it and only cleaned a total of $98, Jamal and Ruby confront her which results in her quitting.

In Brentwood, things are going surprisingly well for Monse. She’s on top of the world with all the luxuries this new life has to offer. But is she going to remain living this life?

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It is comfortable but it isn’t exactly home. And then there’s her dad and friends to think about, she misses them very much, and life just isn’t the same without them.

Julia suggests inviting her Freeridge group of friends (sans Ceaser) over along with the new friends she’s made at Brentwood. Maybe this will make Brentwood feel more like home.

Or so she thinks anyway. It’s an awkward night but works to Ruby’s advantage as he gets cozy with some of Monse’s new friends.

When the party starts to get weird, Jasmine is called over to help break up the party. However, she ends up making it worse because she makes herself comfortable with Julia’s belongings. Oh, and Jamal ends up getting really high which exacerbates his paranoia (yeah, you can imagine how bad it gets).

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Monse asks both Jamal and Ruby if she should consider coming back to Freeridge and the both of them respond with a resounding no. They think she’d be crazy to leave this world behind. She has it good–why rock the boat?

On My Block complicates Monse’s decision when she finds out Julia made up lies about Monty. During a conversation, her new friend Sahara mentions how Julia said the reason for leaving Monty was because he was abusive. It turns out it was a lie she made up to feel better about leaving Monse. This is enough for Monse to realize that her mother left selfishly and prompt her return to Freeridge.

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Kudos to On My Block for focusing on something very crucial and critical–colorism. Monse realizes that Julia may have left simply because she was ashamed that her child’s skin color didn’t match that of her friends and community. It’s a hard truth to face but Monse tackles it head-on. The only complaint I really have from this episode is that we only see the positive aspects of Monse’s life in Brentwood.

Weren’t there any issues with Julia bringing in a stranger into their home? Did her husband and children not find it odd? And how did everyone just adjust so quickly? It would have made for an interesting arc, but then again, she probably was never going to stay there for very long so it may have been unnecessary.