On My Block season 2, episode 8 recap: Chapter Eighteen


The On My Block group finds a way to save Ceaser ahead of Prophet Hood Day.

On My Block has been putting Ceaser through the wringer over the course of the season. And with Latrelle lurking around town, it’s getting more and more dangerous for Ceaser. To figure out a way to get Ceaser money, Jasmine comes up with a way to clean Jamal’s Rollerworld money, although it is wire fraud.

Jasmine decides to get fake IDs from Chivo, which makes things awkward for Jamal. If you don’t remember who Chivo is, all I have to say is gnomes and you’ll know exactly who I’m talking about. In exchange for helping Ceaser, Chivo wants custody of Juanita the gnome, and to help Ceaser out, Jamal has to make the sacrifice.

What’s the deal with these gnomes? We can’t explain what Jamal’s deal is but it turns out Chivo collects them and names them after all the friends he’s lost. Ceaser learns that the Santos weren’t always aggressive and intense, and there was a time where they operated from a place of peace.

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Going back to the Rollerworld money, the plan is to clean the money via wire transfers. On one end, one of them gives the money to send, and then someone else goes and collects the money. It’s pretty genius and it worked in their favor!

And while everything seems to be working out for the group, things take a scary turn when random Prophets start to follow them around. When they call out Ruby and Monse’s name, it’s enough to scare the crap out of everyone. What does it mean that the Prophets know everyone? We may not know that as of now, but Ceaser intends on doing something about it.

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He takes matters into his own hands by stealing one of Chivo’s guns and sitting outside of Latrelle’s girlfriend’s apartment. Don’t do it, Ceaser, just don’t do it!

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