Game of Thrones star Iain Glen talks Daenerys’ whisper to Ser Jorah


Iain Glen, who played Ser Jorah in the HBO hit Game of Thrones talks about the final moment between his character and Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys.

Let me preface: if you haven’t seen episode 4 of the final season of Game of Thrones, read no further. There are spoilers to episode 3 and episode 4 forthcoming.

In the early moments of season 8, episode 4 of Game of Thrones, characters have a moment to say goodbye to their fallen friends after the Battle of Winterfell. With bodies lined up on on pyres, ready to be burned, Daenerys walked up to the spot where Ser Jorah lay, leaned down, and whispered in his ear.

And not a television whisper, a real whisper with no microphones picking up what she says.

Entertainment Weekly was on set for that moment and reported on their conversation with Glen after his final scene with Emilia Clarke. According to EW, the script doesn’t mention what Clarke says. In fact, they say, the script says something closer to “Daenerys whispers something to him that he’ll never hear and we’ll never know…”

Well, that’s disappointing.

It’s mostly disappointing because, in “The Last of the Starks,” we see Daenerys say goodbye to her two closest allies—Ser Jorah to start the episode and Missandei to end the episode. The two people relied on by Daenerys more than anyone else in the world ripped away and the script doesn’t give her a single parting word to either (that the audience gets to hear).

Fans will be asking about what Daenerys for years, especially given this context. Glen knows and is prepared to field the questions.

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“I’ll always cherish it because it’s something no one will ever know but the two of us,” Glen told EW. “And that’s a memory to hold onto.”

The only tidbit Glen provided was when he told EW that what Clarke whispered was “something entirely sincere and true to the moment and something that I’ll never forget.”

Hopefully one day in the future, when all is said and done, they’ll decide to fill us in.

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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)