Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3 reactions and surprises

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I hope this goes without saying, but MAJOR Game of Thrones SPOILERS ahead, so stop if you haven’t watched yet.

I was not ready for Game of Thrones Sunday.

All day, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. The only comfort was knowing millions of others felt the same way.

“The Long Night” or “The Battle of Winterfell” began with a little optimism. Maybe they would come out of this. After all, they had the entire Dothraki army, all of the unsullied, and two dragons.

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The Red Woman shows up out of nowhere and lights up the Dothraki swords, and all I can think of, “It’s on.” My hope is snuffed just as quickly as those Dothraki swords. This was going to be a long, anxiety-ridden episode.

I’m going to be honest, a lot of times I had trouble keeping track of what was going on. I couldn’t tell who was alive and who had died. It wasn’t until I saw various characters fighting, I knew for sure they were still alive.

But the episode overall was incredible. It played like a movie. It was a suspenseful, action, and horror flick all rolled into one. At times it was poetic, and at times it seemed all hope was lost.

And about 30 minutes in, we knew the “Night King is Not Stupid” theory would not come true. In fact, the Night King was the big loser of the episode! Yup, he lost, and humanity won. Now that the main antagonist of the show is gone, what’s left?

One last war between the queens, Daenerys and Cersei. Or will it be someone else?