Brooklyn Nine-Nine Heist Pregame: Who will win Cinco de Mayo?

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine-The Therapist-Courtesy of Vivian Zink/NBC

3. Charles

Charles? Boyle?! I know. This is shocking. The truest blue buddy of Jake Peralta may finally try to win the title on his own. I don’t think it will be to spite or spurn the squad. I mean, that’s completely plausible, but would more than likely end with Charles helping Jake in some way.

No. I think Charles may be motivated by something that Nikolaj says. In Charles’ world that could literally be anything up to and including “Good morning, Daddy! I love you!” Perhaps a bully told Nikolaj that his daddy looked dumb because he is dumb and it gets into Charles’ head. Or, maybe Charles was unable to help Nikolaj with some homework that even Hitchcock and Scully seem to be able to answer.

While everyone is off trying to win the title of World’s Smartest Human/Genius for bragging rights, Charles may try to win it to prove to Nikolaj that he is a smart dad. Well, it’s Charles. He’s going to take this to heart and try to win to prove that he is simply able to keep being Nikolaj’s dad.

Of course, Charles will learn that he’s actually an awesome dad that is totally capable of nurturing and raising a smart, happy man. We got evidence of that in last week’s “Return of the King.” Once Charles makes this realization, Jake will try to steal the Heist because the Heist is a cold, cold game.