Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6, episode 15 recap: Return of the King


Alert everyone from Spokane to Spain! Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) is back on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! In “Return of the King,” someone is out to kill our hero. Let’s recap!

“Return of the King” was written by Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s supervising producer Phil Augusta Jackson (Key & Peele) and directed by Amy Santiago herself, Melissa Fumero. This is her directorial debut. She joins Stephanie Beatriz and Joe Lo Truglio as cast members who directed episodes this season. Hopefully, they keep directing episodes next season. This was a goofy episode that kept the fun going while juggling three storylines.


Gina is back and bigger than ever. When she left back in “Four Movements,” her goal was to grow her creativity and brand into something bigger. Man alive! She achieved that and so much more. The G-Hive now has over a million followers. Even the official Twitter page of Brooklyn Nine-Nine rebranded to represent for the Queen G.

At a G-Hive meet and greet which was more like a modern-day campaign rally, Gina was gifting the masses with her knowledge, which included the Infinity Stone level gem “Remember. If you fall down nine times…Reassess the way you walk!”

One member of the G-Hive used a microphone to tell the gathered that she left her parkour husband, who was obsessed with parkour, because “If the light in your house is dim, change the bulb.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Return of the King-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

All is not hot dance routines and Terry’s bouncing pecks in the G-Hive, though. Someone is trying to kill her. Is it a jealous celebrity chef? Who knows. What we do know is that the threat is real because Jake (Andy Samberg) saves Gina from a falling G-Hive Sphere.

The would-be killer is an afterthought. Jake figures it out because he is the embodiment of justice. But he and Terry (Terry Crews) are more disappointed that Gina ghosted the squad since she left and only called when she needed help.

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Jake and Gina work this out while she is stabbed in the back by the would-be killer and while she’s recovering in the hospital. You read that correctly. Gina doesn’t need to feel bad about having a life because she’s getting hers. Jake doesn’t need to feel bad about missing his friend. Deals with a company who rhymes with Fart Water aside, the two will make an effort to see each other more.

Color Me Periodic

Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) believes that Nikolaj-No-It’s-Nikolaj (Antonio Raul Corbo) is a genius because he solves the Steven Keaton Productivity Matrix. Holt rides Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) for caring more about Nikolaj’s interests than his untapped Bruce Banner brain.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Return of the King-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

Boyle argues that it’s important to foster Nikolaj’s artistic side, to which Holt retorts “Sure. Otherwise, the world would miss out on the next Einstein’s take on a lasagna eating feline.” Burn. But, with the help of Captain Latvia, Holt sees the light. He admits that Boyle is a good parent with his son’s best intentions in mind. Charles calls Holt his Big Daddy. That’s our Boyle!

You Can’t Spell Doorknob without Hope

Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) has both of her hands wrapped in the most comfortable looking bandages ever. She has to wear them for a week. Rosa insists that this will not get in her way at all. this statement is challenged almost immediately when Rosa discovers her bandages are too big to get her jacket off.

Amy (Melissa Fumero) offers to help Rosa with typing a report. But Rosa says she’s got this. when she tries to drink a big ‘ol bottle of Cola, she tips it over. It starts to spray the squad. when Rosa goes to the supply room for some sponges, the door closes behind her. Rosa is trapped.

After four hours, Rosa is finally willing to accept help from Amy, but Amy refuses. She was watching Rosa via security cam and she legit inspires her to overcome her handlessness and get that door open. And Rosa does get that door open. Because she’s Rosa. And because Amy was really inspiring.

Sarge Delivers

Melissa Fumero directed the poo poo out of this episode. The opening teaser was a music video for the G-Hive that looked like it took days to shoot. Even though it was just a teaser, she clearly took the time to film something spectacular, as the G-Hive demands.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Return of the King-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

Some of the interactions were talking head scenes. Fumero made these fun and interesting. When Boyle and Holt would interact, they would take steps towards each other. Or, it felt that way. The script was great, but she kept the camera moving in ways that maximized the goofy.

My personal favorite directorial moment was a slow-motion celebration that took place in the supply room, from Amy’s desk, and inside of the security camera feed. It was funny, inspirational, and essential Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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It’s the home stretch for season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. No cast members are directing next week, but another tradition returns. Due to the premiere date, there was no Halloween competition this year. Never fear! In order to take Terry’s mind off of the lieutenant’s exam, the squad will hold the annual Halloween contest on “Cinco de Mayo.”

Did you enjoy this week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Do you agree that series has only gotten better since it moved to NBC? Let’s discuss in the comments!