Did Santa Clarita Diet get axed by Netflix for no reason?


Did Santa Clarita Diet deserve to be canceled? Apparently not.

Santa Clarita Diet was canceled by Netflix earlier this month after just three seasons. Mind you, it was three seasons of an entertaining zom-com starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant and did not deserve to be canceled before its time.

Along with myself, many fans would agree that Santa Clarita Diet should have been given the opportunity to tell its story, especially given how season 3 ended. For those of you who haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you but trust me when I say, we deserved more, the show deserved more.

We’ve established the fanbase for the series exists, but guess what? Apparently, the numbers for it existed too. In a karmic plot twist, Netflix UK & Ireland released a series of tweets this week breaking down their top ten movies, shows, and the likes. And guess what was amongst their top ten most-watched series? Yup, Santa Clarita Diet coming in at number eight as reported in an article by ShortList.

So, why did Netflix cut off the series prematurely? We have no freaking idea!

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But let’s give Netflix the benefit of the doubt for a moment. First off, this is just accounting for Netflix UK & Ireland (as Netflix pointed out), and it’s not part of the overall list. Okay, we can give them that. Secondly, we don’t know anything about the costs that go into making a series and maybe the costs were outweighing the acclaim. Fine, fine, fine we can try to wrap our heads around all of this but it doesn’t mean that we’re okay with the cancellation.

Who knows, maybe Netflix will hear the fan outcry and decide to take back their decision. After all, don’t we deserve to find out how things played out for Sheila and Joel? Sigh, I guess not.

Do you want to see Santa Clarita Diet return for another season? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!