Game of Thrones season 8, episode 5 reactions and surprises

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Season 8, episode 5 (debut 5/12/19): Lena Headey.

photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Surprises of the week

1. Cersei’s “unfitting” death
Cersei was vile. She was vindictive. And, at times, she was downright despicable. Many thought Arya would kill Cersei. Others though Jaime was going back to Kings Landing to kill her (including me). But in the end, she died by getting crushed by a bunch of rocks? A bit anticlimactic, but also kind of poetic. See: Things you missed section below). Yes, those rocks were from the Red Keep collapsing, caused by Daenerys and Drogon, but I expected her death to be much bigger than it was.

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2. This episode’s destruction
You will see below how I am not all that surprised by Daenerys turning into the Mad Queen. But what I am amazed by is just how insane she is. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Jaime hadn’t killed the Mad King. Well, now we know, and it’s devastating. Watching so many innocent people die was jarring. I know I was supposed to feel uncomfortable, because (I think) I am a sane person. But Daenerys is hurting. All the people she trusted in her life – all the people that kept her in check – are mostly gone. Only one voice of reason comes from Tyrion, and she doesn’t fully trust him. And maybe Jon could haven’t stopped it, but he was too concerned with proving everyone wrong by blindly following her.

3. Jaime’s almost death
For a minute there, I though Euron killed Jaime. That would have sucked! In this case, I’m glad the rocks got him before he bled out from his Euron-inflicted wounds. So, that insufferable twit can’t check that kill off his list.

4. How did Arya survive that?!
I’ll say it again. HOW DID ARYA SURVIVE THIS ATTACK?! She was thrown around by fire and people, buildings were literally collapsing on top of her, she almost got trampled on, and she somehow survives. It seems far-fetched. Or, could she be Azor Ahai or “The Prince(ss) who was Promised?” If so, there was a divine being intervening to ensure our Night King Slayer survived.

Season 8, episode 5 (debut 5/12/19): Liam Cunningham, Kit Harington.

photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

5. Jon’s lack of action
Though his body language has said otherwise for some time now, Jon has claimed Daenerys as his queen come rain or shine. Well, it’s raining fire on a bunch of innocent people and now is the time to realize she’s a crazy person? It’s too late; the damage is done. He’s had numerous opportunities to at least try to steer her into the right direction. His family has warned him multiple times, Lord Varys warned him, but he blindly followed his queen. Will he take action next week?