Game of Thrones: How “The Bells” should have ended

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The Hound vs. The Mountain

This was actually a highlight of the episode so I wouldn’t change much. As in “The Bells,” The Hound and The Mountain immediately face off. The Mountain pursues The Hound up the stairs rather than down since they’re already on the ground floor. They eventually reach Cersei’s room and ultimately tumble together out of that big window seconds before Dany ignites the room. Just before they reach the ground, the wildfire explosion triggered by Dany’s attack consumes them.

Photo Credit: HBO

Arya makes her decision

Despite The Hound’s warning, Arya continues on with him, and they run into Cersei, The Mountain, and Qyburn as well as Jaime, who entered the Keep separately. As The Mountain approaches The Hound, Cersei tries to order her bodyguard to stay with her but to no avail. When Qyburn tries to intervene, The Mountain crushes and tosses him just as he hilariously did in the episode.

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Jaime and Cersei then turn their attention to Arya. Sensing what Arya wants to do, Jaime steps in front of Cersei and tries to defend her, arguing that Cersei is about to surrender. Cersei confirms that she is and, as if on cue, the bells start to ring. Arya says she doesn’t care. Cersei counters that Dany will attack the Keep regardless of her surrender, so they’ll all die if they don’t leave immediately. Arya says she still doesn’t care. But then she hears a young voice crying out for help.

Momentarily torn, Arya chooses to prioritize saving a life over ending one and goes off in search of the voice, while Cersei and Jaime head for the tunnel leading out of the city. Arya finds a terrified young servant girl, about the same age as her at the start of the series. Arya says she can get her out of the Keep and offers her hand, which the child takes. They escape through the tunnel and make it to the beach, just outrunning the fire, which billows out behind them as they take shelter to the right of the tunnel exit. When the fire and smoke finally clears, Arya spots a shocking scene on the other side of the tunnel exit.