His Dark Materials teaser drops for HBO series


HBO has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming series His Dark Materials, based on Philip Pullman’s best-selling trilogy of books.

The trailer for His Dark Materials showcases all of the series’ major characters including Dafne Keene (Logan) as Lyra, a young girl who discovers a plot involving stolen children while searching for her kidnapped friend. As the trailer indicates, this discovery leads to two warring factions.

The trailer also provides a look at James McAvoy (X: Men: First Class) as Lord Asriel, Lyra’s adventurer uncle, Clark Peters (The Wire) as the man who raised her, and Ruth Wilson (The Affair) as Marisa Coulter, who takes Lyra under her wing.

In the teaser, Peters’ character claims that his goal has always been to protect Lyra. However, it’s Wilson’s Coulter who’s featured most prominently, informing Lyra that she must choose a side.

The clip also provides a very quick glimpse of Lin-Manuel Miranda (Mary Poppins Returns) as balloonist Lee Scoresby. Scoresby helps Lyra on her journey, but as the trailer makes clear, his traveling companion, an armored bear, is what truly makes an impression. The giant armored polar bear is shown in its full, roaring glory towards the end of the teaser.

Check it out below:

His Dark Materials, which HBO is co-producing with BBC, has the look and feel of an epic fantasy. Like the 30-second teaser released by BBC a couple of months ago, this trailer utilizes quick cuts to show the action-packed nature of the series.

HBO is likely hoping His Dark Materials will attract the same audience that has turned its fantasy series Game of Thrones into a cultural phenomenon. The two shows share a genre,  are adapted from popular series of novels, and take place in fascinating alternative universes. With Game of Thrones ending, His Dark Materials has the potential to be HBO’s next big thing.

However, while Game of Thrones included adult themes, His Dark Materials‘ focus on Lyra may lead it to be more family friendly. Right now, the trailer is playing up the sleek nature of the production and the fantasy elements that will make it an experience unlike any other.

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A release date has yet to be announced for the series but check back with ShowSnob for the latest updates on His Dark Materials.

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