Game of Thrones: 5 characters that deserve spinoffs

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The King’s Landing crew

Another story that would take place long after the events of Game of Thrones: what happens when Bran dies.

Game of Thrones established that, when Bran dies, the leaders of the houses of Westeros should gather and vote for a new ruler. It sounds like a great plan. No chance at evil children coming to power and ruining everything.

Well, not exactly. Bran is 17 (or thereabouts) in the final Game of Thrones season. Let’s even be generous and say he’s 20. He will, by quite a bit, outlive everyone that was at that meeting. Sure, rules can be established and procedures written down and put in place, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll actually happen.

What’s likely is that Westeros is plunged right back into chaos and war. There’s hundreds and hundreds of years of arguments for taking the throne by force or lineage rather than leave it up to a vote. Things will be especially bad if there are any houses out there who are unhappy with Bran’s rule. And there will always be people unhappy with how a country is ruled. Especially if Bran starts warging all over the place. Maybe he’s too aloof as a king. Maybe people feel like his warging is too “big brother”-y and they feel he’s invading their privacy. Things could turn on a dime on Bran.

So, what’s to stop someone from taking King’s Landing by force when Bran dies? And then what if that new ruler is so fundamentalist in their belief in the old ways that they think the North should rejoin the rest of the kingdoms and bend the knee to King’s Landing?

All. Out. Chaos.

The only good thing is that the major houses that butted heads during Game of Thrones are destroyed or have seceded. Starks? Seceded. Lannisters? Dead (assuming Tyrion doesn’t have kids). Targaryens? Dead/Wildlings now. Baratheons? Dead. Tyrells? So dead.

There’s a small chance, with all the strong-willed houses gone or content, that things would be fine. But there’s a greater chance that someone’s kid will fall victim to an advisor who is a fan of the way things used to be run. The next Petyr Baelish is just biding his time, waiting for Bran to kick the bucket.


Where’d you go, my flying friend?

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I don’t think he’ll just spend the rest of his life flying around not bothering anybody. A dragon has to eat. Someone is going to lose livestock, a child or an entire town to that dragon. Drogon will eventually become a problem for both Westeros and Essos.

This could open the door for a story examining a future political relationship between Westeros and Essos—a cause for the first global summit.

Not Jon Snow

The man has been through enough. Let him live out his life in peace beyond the Wall.

What do you think? Who would you like to see in a Game of Thrones spinoff? Or do you only want stories from entirely new characters? Let us know in the comments!