Things you missed during Season 1 of Game of Thrones


With Game of Thrones right around the corner, it’s time to get your binge-watching in!

The final season of Game of Thrones is just over six weeks away. It’s so close; I can almost taste it. (What would Game of Thrones taste like, anyway? Probably like wine and mud.)

When I’m really into something, like a television show, movie, or book series, I’m all in. It’s typically all I think about at any given moment. Even as you’re reading this, I probably have the Game of Thrones theme music playing on a loop in my head.

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Back when the Harry Potter films were released, I decided to re-read the books and re-watch the movies before the final movie was released. So, I decided that before the final season of Game of Thrones premieres on April 14, I will watch every episode again.

I started at the beginning of February in the hopes that I will be finished by April 14. I’ve seen a handful of episodes more than once and out-of-order if I happen to catch the reruns while flipping through the channels.

I’ve never watched it all the way through like this since I binge-watched the first three seasons in 2014. As I started watching, I began noticing things I hadn’t before.

It could be because of what I now know, but it could also be because I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Here are ten things you may have missed during Game of Thrones Season 1.

1. The entire series started with your first look at White Walkers

I guess because the idea of the dead coming back to life seemed so foreign to me way back in Season 1, but the entire series starts with White Walkers attacking two members of the Night’s Watch, leaving a third man scared to death. They had blue eyes and all!

2. Sean Bean is the first listed in the opening credits

It makes it even more impactful that Game of Thrones killed off the main character and protagonist of the show in episode 9! Yes, those who read the books already knew it was coming, but for those who didn’t read the books, it really knocked our socks off.

3. Daenerys could handle the heat from the beginning

When Daenerys was getting in the scolding-hot bath during her very first scene, one of her handmaidens warns, “it’s too hot!” But because fire is in her blood, she doesn’t feel it and keeps on going.

4. Jon Snow does feel the fire

When the White Walker attacks Jon Snow and Lord Commander Mormont, Jon takes Mormont’s lantern with his bare hand and throws it at the White Walker. But he gets burned. I guess if he couldn’t feel the fire then, it might have given away that he was a Targaryen.

5. Walder Frey is a scumbag

Well, we already knew he was a scumbag, but Catelyn offers to go to him and ask him to allow her son, Robb, to pass through the south.

She assures Robb that he’s known her since she was a girl and would never harm her. But then XXX says, “not if there’s profit in it.” And there you have a HUGE foreshadowing of the Red Wedding.

6. “Poison is a woman’s weapon”

Ned Stark said these words to Myrcell when speaking of Jon Arynn’s death. It’s another huge foreshadowing. Lady Orenll uses poison to kill King Joffrey in Season 4. It may be a woman’s weapon, but it still works just the same.

7. Did Syrio Forel ever really die?

I know some Game of Thrones characters’ deaths happen off-camera. Some death I wish did happen off-camera. But did we ever find out if Syrio Forel, Arya’s dancing instructor from Braavos, actually die?

He did deliver a memorable line, “What do we say to the God of Death? Not today,” Maybe he will pop up in Season 8!

8. Seeing all the Starks together gives me the feels

Something I didn’t have the first time I watched Season 1 was how precious it was to see the whole Stark family together. The Stark kids are so young in those first two episodes, the last time we get to see all of the Starks on the same screen.

For the next six seasons we endure near misses until Jon and Sansa reunite, and the Arya and Sansa. And we get to see all the living Starks, at Winterfell in Season 8. Please God, let them live!

9. The seeds of R+L=J are planted

Robert insists on visiting the Stark family crypt with Ned when he arrives at Winterfell. He places a feather on her statue and says he kills Raegar every night in his dreams. Ned ensures him all the Targaryns are gone.

“Not all of them,” replies Robert. Ned knows that the Targaryns are not all dead; in fact, one is living in his house. Later, Ned ensures Jon that he will tell him about his mother, and we know; he never gets that chance. We can only assume that Jon will find out the truth this season.

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10. Ned had every opportunity to leave, but he dug his own grave

I found myself saying, “Get the hell out of King Landing, Ned!” multiple times during Season 1. Like if he would have scooped up his daughters and just left, he wouldn’t have lost his head.

He also didn’t have to rock the boat so damn much with Cersei. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to flee the capital and then go find Stannis and join him in the fight?

But then we wouldn’t have a show.