Stranger Things: It’s time to hit the pool in a new season 3 teaser!


The new Stranger Things season 3 teaser is all about fun in the sun.

The end of Game of Thrones signals that winter is officially over in time for summer to begin on NetflixStranger Things will be back this July and fans will journey back to Hawkins, Indiana to see how the town is doing. While the new video doesn’t show us any members of the original gang, we do get to see Mrs. Wheeler kicking back without the kids.

There’s a distinct shift in the teaser compared to the previous seasons but these episodes will take place in the summerStranger Things has usually been set during the fall when the kids have the pressure of school constantly to deal with as they tried to save the world. Now, they have a bit more time to relax before the latest threat arrives.

We know Dustin spends part of the summer away at camp, this teaser shows us what Billy and Mrs. Wheeler have been up to. He’s working as a lifeguard at the pool where he’s become a bit of a celebrity. He rules with an iron fist and has an adoring group of fans waiting on the sidelines. That’s right, Mrs. Wheeler and the other Hawkins moms wait happily under the shade just waiting for Billy to take over his shift.

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Naturally, Billy seems to love the attention. He shares a flirtatious look with another lifeguard before casually checking out the mothers. Not to mention, he even throws a compliment Mrs. Wheeler’s way about her new bathing suit. Their interaction last season seemed like a comedic one-off moment but it seems the Wheeler matriarch is actually quite smitten with this teenager. Nancy and Mike definitely aren’t going to be happy to discover their mother’s new friend.

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