Stranger Things: Season 3 trailer teases new threat and some killer 80’s fashion


After teasing fans this past week, Netflix finally releases the trailer for Stranger Things season 3!

It’s a good time to be a television fan with Game of Thrones returning next month and Netflix’s hit series airing sometime this summer. While it may have been a longer wait than usual for the new season of Stranger Things, the latest trailer promises it is worth it.

With Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” playing throughout the trailer, the first person on screen is Dustin, returning from Camp Knowhere. He’s surprised by his friends, which goes hilariously wrong when a battle-ready Dustin attacks Lucas in fear. Nevertheless, it looks like Stranger Things will maintain some levity despite the more mature tone for the series.

There’s a lot to unpack in this trailer, with fans getting a look at a myriad of storylines. In an exciting note, it seems like Eleven and Max have officially become members of the Guild. Not to mention, the two can be seen hanging out together alone, which they didn’t really get to do last season. However, Eleven is going to have more serious problems than just acclimating to life in a normal society. She can be seen back in the Upside Down and fighting off monsters with her usual level of badass.

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As for the other members of the group, it looks like the kids are beginning to grow up. Mike can be heard chastising one of his friends about how they couldn’t just stay in his basement forever. As he’s speaking, Stranger Things cuts to Will tearfully looking at a photo of his friends. Is he the one struggling to adapt to the new changes or did something happen to one of them?

The former teens, now young adults, also seem to be embroiled in a new mystery. Steve is working at the Starcourt Mall but that doesn’t prevent him from spending time with Dustin. Their dynamic was one of the best parts of season 2 and it’s nice the series will continue to expand upon that. Meanwhile, Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman), the pseudo investigator who worked with Nancy and Jonathan, can briefly be seen in the trailer. Nancy is also at a newspaper’s office, which hints that she could have stumbled into another government coverup.

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Finally, Hopper and Joyce look like they’re in trouble once again. He’s out to dinner alone and it seems like he’s waiting for someone or getting stood up. Hopefully, this means Stranger Things might have these two embark on a tentative romance. However, Hopper can also be seen chasing someone with a gun so he’s going to be back in action.

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Source: Deadline