ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier may live to see another day


Whiskey Cavalier may not have aired its series finale last night.

Whiskey Cavalier may live to see another day, folks! And we need to know now, need to know now, can it come back again? TVLine was the first to report that multiple sources were stating ABC could be reconsidering their decision to cancel the globe-trotting series. I, amongst many others, would be ecstatic if this ends up being the case, so please ABC, think long and hard about how great this reversal would be.

It appears that talks “are ongoing” between ABC and Warner Brothers Television and that we should hear something definitive by the end of the week, according to TVLine‘s report. The “feasibility” of a season two renewal is on the horizon, so all we can do now is cross our fingers and send out positive Whiskey Cavalier vibes.

If you’ve been on Twitter, then you’ve likely seen one of the Whiskey Cavalier executive producers, Bill Lawrence, urging fans to speak out against the cancellation and reach out to ABC voicing their support. According to Deadline, he may be the one spearheading the efforts to bring the series back going as far as reaching out to ABC and showing them positive ratings data. This is likely what prompted the network to give the series another look over. Hopefully, his efforts will end in good news.

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While this may be very exciting for fans, Deadline reports that sources are also saying that it may be unlikely that the cancellation decision will be reversed. But hey, crazier things have happened! Remember NBC’s Timeless? This is the time for fans to flock to social media and tell ABC what the show means to them because as we’ve learned, fan campaigns are really effective!

Following its cancellation, ABC attempted to shop the series to other networks as well as streaming platforms, but it seems as ABC would be the best place for a show like Whiskey Cavalier. So here’s to hoping that the end of the week brings us some wonderful news regarding the series because a show like this deserves to go on—especially after that cliffhanger!

(Source: DeadlineTVLine)