Whiskey Cavalier season 1 finale recap: Czech Mate


The Whiskey Cavalier series finale ends on a cliffhanger–and we’re not happy!

Whiskey Cavalier is a show that had to end well before its time, and it’ s safe to say, fans are livid. It didn’t help that the series finale ended on a cliffhanger, which will never be explored unless the series is picked up by another network. Netflix, where you at?

The series finale focuses on a mission to take down Ollerman, once and for all. He’s the irritating pest that never seems to go away no matter how hard you try. But no worries, Team Whiskey Cavalier is on the case, and given how well they operate together now, it should be easy peasy, right?

Unfortunately, when a pair of assassins shows up at their base, the team quickly learns that Standish’s girlfriend isn’t who she says she is and is in fact, the villain! Ollerman arrives shortly after, and following closely behind are Will and Frankie who are alerted to the situation thanks to Jai. Sadly, this interrupted a cute moment between them, but it’s okay, their friends were in danger.

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Ollerman bends things to his will and ensures his plan will be seen through after injecting Ray with a series of particles that will cause his brain to turn to mush if the team doesn’t listen to him.

I have to say, I didn’t like Ray when the season started, but he really grew on me. And he and Susan together are even cuter! It just stinks that we won’t get to see them and their relationship grow!

To make sure that Ray would be kept safe, Will and Frankie head to Prague to acquire the laptop of a Russian official. They arrive at the summit under the disguise of a press team covering the event, but their plans are disturbed when Tina shows up and interferes.


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In a Whiskey Cavalier twist, we certainly don’t see coming, Tina is eventually taken down by Standish who doesn’t hesitate to kill her. It sucks because it was nice to see him happy and in love, but he can certainly do better than an evil assassin.

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Jai comes to the rescue and is able to give Ray a collar that will save his life. The injected particles won’t make his brain turn into mush, but he will experience lots and lots of pain. Something’s better than nothing!

As the series finale comes to a close, Will and Frankie come face-to-face with Ollerman who manages to escape by jumping to his death–or so we believe. But come on, things are never what they seem, especially when it comes to villains that never die.

The thing that killed me the most about the Whiskey Cavalier series finale, is that in the very last moments of it, Will and Frankie almost kiss but we are robbed of that moment because of a plot twist. Why did you have to cancel this show, ABC! WHY!?

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The disturbance comes because Standish is calling Will to tell him that Tina is responsible for Emma’s death. But before he can finish, he’s captured by none other than Ollerman who stabs him right in the chest as the scene goes to black. Ugh, seriously, this is the worst feeling ever.

Whiskey Cavalier, you will be sorely missed. But seriously, can someone just pick it up? It will be so worth it!