What will be the “show of the summer”?

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With so many TV shows airing over the next few months, what will become the “show of the summer?”

Buckle up, because a lot of great television is on the horizon, and no, I’m not talking about Bachelor In Paradise (although I will, of course, be watching). With Game of Thrones exiting stage left, there is the opportunity for another TV show to claim the “championship belt.” What will be the “show of the summer”? I narrowed it down to five contenders. Let’s go through them and guess the winner.

Black Mirror

Why It Will Win:

If someone were to argue Black Mirror was the best show on television, I wouldn’t think they were crazy at all. Its level of creativity and sophistication sometimes feels unprecedented in the television medium. Not only can one expect season five’s plots to be gripping, the inclusion of Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie, among other notable names, will surely get people excited.

Why It Won’t:

Although the episodes are in some ways tied together, each is essentially its own story. I like this about the show, but it makes it difficult for a season as a whole to build in momentum. Shows that have one focus and storyline have an advantage in this regard. Each Black Mirror episode will be viewed individually, and there will likely be some that are received much better than others (this is how its been in past seasons). The season could very well be great, but it’s unlikely to be the “show of the summer.”