13 Netflix Originals coming in June to start the summer off right

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Photo Credit: Netflix

Netflix has a fresh slate of shows just in time for the summer to start.

A new month brings a pack of new originals from Netflix, offering everything from medical documentaries to magical animes and science fiction thrillers. June is a busy month for bingeing, as Netflix steps up its game once again in both variety and originality. Here’s what looks good.

Arthdal Chronicles – June 1

If you’re one of the multitudes now in withdrawal after the disappointing climax to Game of Thrones, this series is being touted as Korea’s take on the genre. The series takes place in the ancient kingdom of Arth and follows two mythical warriors as they battle to gain control of their civilization and defend their tribe. Song Joong-ki plays Eunseom, a warrior from the Wahan Tribe who struggles with his identity while defending his people.

The series also stars Jang Dong-gun as the rival warrior who dreams of conquering Arthdal, Kim Ji-won as the Wahan Shaman, and Kim Ok-bin as the first empress of Asdal.

While the series has a very different style and feel from Game of Thrones, based on the trailer and first look photos, it has the same kind of intricate and vast world building that initially made the HBO series so intriguing. And it’s no wonder, considering it took nine pain-staking months to film all eighteen episodes that make up the three seasons of the series. While it doesn’t look like there will be any dragons, there will definitely be battles, political strategy, shocking twists, and pretty people doing terrible things.