Opinion: Game of Thrones’ final season wasn’t that bad

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With Game of Thrones officially over, many fans, including myself, are feeling all sorts of ways about the final season. Here’s one fan’s opinion. SPOILERS AHEAD.

I’m just going to come right out and say it: This season of Game of Thrones wasn’t that bad.

I know the million signatures on this petition say otherwise, to which I can’t roll my eyes at enough.

This is probably unpopular, and you may be reading this and saying to yourself, “You know nothing (Jon Snow).” But let’s put things into perspective. Even a bad season of Game of Thrones is better than 90% of the other crap on television.

Maybe you feel like this last season was rushed. I am feeling that, too.

Maybe you’re annoyed that production made some obvious mistakes. It’s understandable because they seemed careless.

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Maybe you hate the ending. Guess what, it’s not the first show to disappoint fans with an ending, and it won’t be the last.

There were lots of great moments during season 8, too! And when you give yourself some time to heal from your grief of losing this show, I think you’ll come to realize the final season of Game of Thrones wasn’t all that bad.

Six episodes weren’t enough

And I’m not saying this because it’s my favorite show and I wanted more (which is also true). Game of Thrones has always been so good because the story was always presented as a slow burn. For multiple episodes, nothing seemingly extraordinary would happen until BAM – the main protagonist is beheaded, or the next hero gets a dagger through the heart. Then you realize all that boring stuff in between was really important and led to this very moment.

It’s an element that made me fall in love with this series and a genre I never thought I’d love.

Season 7 was criticized because the pace felt quicker. I gave it a pass because it was working toward a finale and they didn’t have time to waste showing people traveling around Westeros to get to the nitty-gritty. I get it. I supported it.


Season 8 should have been split into two seasons, even if it were two shortened seasons.

This season could have been all about the Battle of Winterfell – the preparations, the reunions, the coming-to-terms with possibly dying. All of this was jam-packed into the first two episodes, and it felt rushed. I would have liked to see Jon and Dany’s love story develop more. It would have given them time to develop more chemistry and a believable love story. It would have made his killing of her, in the end, carry so much more weight.

Then, the Battle of Winterfell could have been the penultimate episode, and the last of the season could have been the aftermath and the hinting that Dany is growing into her Mad Queen role. Maybe even end with the truth about Jon’s parentage instead of revealing it to him before the battle.

Season 9 could have been all about Dany’s descent into darkness. And like I said yesterday, the penultimate episode could have ended with her death and the last episode would be the aftermath.

Maybe those who are pissed about Dany’s story arc would have had time to process it. Just a thought.