13 Netflix Originals coming in June to start the summer off right

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BERLIN, GERMANY – MARCH 30: Mala Emde attends the Goldene Kamera at Tempelhof Airport on March 30, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Christian Marquardt/Getty Images)

Charité at War – June 14

Charité at War is the second season of a German anthology series following the residents of the Charité hospital in Berlin. The first season was set during the 1880s and chronicled the dramas surrounding major medical breakthroughs and social upheaval. Due to the historical nature of the show, many characters are real-life physicians and scientists – some Nobel Prize winners – that helped make modern medicine what it is today; people like Robert Koch, Emil von Behring, Paul Ehrlich, and Rudolf Virchow.

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Season two jumps ahead 50 years to WWII as several of Charité’s prestigious doctors clash over differences of idealism. While the hospital is still considered a center of modern medicine, some staff support the Nazi regime while others are critical of it. Of particular concern is the government’s eugenics and euthanasia programs, some of which the hospital is required to carry out. The series is an interesting, educational, and dramatic examination of a prestigious institution and groundbreaking science during tumultuous times in history.

Jessica Jones: Season 3 – June 14

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Netflix’s last running Marvel series, is coming back for its third and final season. Which is a shame, because one of the best and most satisfying things about this series is that it is a rare example of a relatable female-led drama. The series makes a point of employing female writers and directors, and because of that, Jessica Jones displays a deep understanding of the female experience. Jessica Jones may be a reluctant superhero, but that doesn’t stop her from facing the same sexism – both overt and unintentional – that ordinary women encounter every day.

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Not only that, but Jessica has depth and flaws. She’s lazy, anti-social, and sarcastic. She drinks too much, has a low maintenance fashion sense, and doesn’t take care of herself very well. She’s far from perfect and much more like a lot of women in the world than the pretty feminine facades that often populate film and television. When I first saw Jessica Jones, it was truly one of the most striking and important viewing experiences I’d ever had, because I had never felt so truly represented, and it will be sorely missed when it is gone.