Will there eventually be a Hulu-Disney+ bundle?


After taking full control of Hulu, Disney has an abundance of content it can offer as it competes in the “streaming game.” Will it eventually bundle everything together?

When Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox became official in March 2019, it received Fox’s stake in Hulu. The transaction added to the ownership Disney already had in the streaming platform, giving it 60% ownership (with Comcast as co-owner).

In May 2019, Comcast agreed to give Disney its stake in Hulu for $5.8 billion, giving it full control. Comcast isn’t out of the streaming game, as it still has a service of its own that should debut in 2020. Nevertheless, with Disney+ set to launch in November, it seems to be in a very strong position. The question is how will it handle having two streaming platforms (three if you include ESPN+, a Disney-owned live sports platform).

Will it continue to offer each of its products separately, or will it eventually create some sort of “Disney bundle“? If there’s enough demand, the route to maximum revenue would probably be to sell each separately. But with increasing streaming competition, it might be in its best interest to create a bundle that costs less than the sum of each of the individual platforms. By doing this, it can make the case it is the “must have” platform since it has so much to offer.

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Most consumers won’t be able to afford all the different streaming offerings. Could the “Disney bundle” be the number one priority for consumers, who will then choose to add one or two others depending on their budget? With so much content, it could become difficult for consumers to bypass it.

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Whether or not a “Disney bundle” would be a “must have” would likely come down to the depth, quality, and price of the Disney+ content. A decent amount has been revealed about what one can expect in terms of content, but there’s still plenty of unknowns as well. It seems likely that the bundle would be priced above a competitor like Netflix, but it’s difficult to project where it would end up.

Would a streaming bundle be a “must have” for you? How much would you be willing to pay for it?