The Society: 5 things we want to see in season 2 (and 5 we don’t)

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Photo Credit: Netflix

What we want: More Grizz!

Jack Mulhern absolutely stole the show based on the multitude of social media posts talking about how much everyone loves Grizz. What’s not to love? Grizz is a football star, a philosopher, a gardener, and just an all-around nice guy. Right now he’s only billed as a recurring character on The Society but that has to change if the show returns. As a fan favorite, it would be a missed opportunity not to see more of him as the show continued on. When he arrives in the ending minutes of the finale, he’s horrified to see Allie arrested. While Jason and Clark may not consider him a member of the Guard, the town couldn’t function without the only person who knows how to camp, farm, garden, and basically survive.

Also, Grizz and Sam were one of the two couples every fan agrees on. C’mon Netflix, give us more Grizz!

Photo Credit: Netflix

What we don’t want: A love square

Love triangles always result in certain viewers being disappointed and love squares will only make it worse. We really don’t want to see the series go down the path of having Harry, Allie, Will, and Kelly all fighting for each other’s affections. At this point they have more serious issues to focus on and to be honest, The Society stumbled a bit when it came to romance. Why not let things play out organically and in the meantime focus on the plot?

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We’d much rather see how Allie’s decision to execute Dewey continues to haunt her, Kelly’s pursuit of being a doctor, Harry struggling with this new world, and Will remaining a voice of reason than any romantic drama. Especially when Will could really use some character development outside of his attraction to Kelly and Allie.

What do you want to see if The Society gets a season 2? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!