The Society season 1, episode 2 recap: Our Town


The kids begin to realize that being alone isn’t the best thing on The Society.

“Our Town” gives us a short montage to kick off the second episode to show that a few days have passed since the pilot. By now, most of the excitement around endless partying has died out and people are looking for answers. The Society also gives us a glimpse as to why people would put their trust in Cassandra and not Harry despite his feelings of superiority. While he spends a majority of the episode planning a game of Fugitive, she’s trying to plan for the worst case scenario.

How did the kids get here? When big questions are asked, people tend to look for answers in any directions. One of the popular explanations always boils down to faith. A group of students has gathered on the lawn in the town square where they’re doing some sort of ritual to call upon the Earth goddess for answers. A solar eclipse happens, which immediately puts all of the kids on edge. However, Gordie interjects that these eclipses are planned far in advance so people shouldn’t worry.

Meanwhile, Helena is disturbed that anyone would look towards “pagan rituals” to get answers rather than the bible. She quickly heads home to start highlighting passages to take over as the town preacher. The first person she can help is Luke, who is still struggling after seeing someone die. Helena tells him to come see her speak at church and bring the guys (now known as The Guard) as well. Luke doesn’t seem all that religious, however, he does seem extremely in love with his girlfriend. This definitely seems like an issue these two will have down the line.

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Cassandra has rallied her own group of friends for their own missions. Becca and Sam are heading to town hall to try and figure out what could be going on. Allie and Will (who kind of likes the ability to claim a big mansion or fancy sneakers) volunteer to go do a food census. Becca also encourages Cassandra to keep her head down since everyone doesn’t trust her at the moment. She agrees, and the group will act like she has nothing to do with their missions.

Harry’s group isn’t nearly as dedicated since all they do is party. He wakes up to find his friends passed out around his dirty house. To make matters worse, Kelly isn’t exactly head over heels in love with him. He wants her to sleep over so they can keep the good times rolling but she’s not interested. Apparently, he took her leaving the church with him in the pilot as a sign of their renewed relationship. In reality, Kelly only chose the idea of “keeping what we have” since she has a lot. After a few days to think about it, she’s beginning to realize that it may not have been the best option. When Harry invites her to play Fugitive, she dryly remarks about what a waste of time it is.

You know what isn’t a waste of time? The food census! Kelly finds Will at the supermarket while he’s making his way through the pasta sauce. They have a slightly awkward conversation about mixed text messages before Will says he didn’t ask for her help because she’s on Harry’s side. However, Kelly points out that there aren’t any sides anymore. The truth is, all of these kids are in the same situation and they should want what is best for everyone. The two get to work as the perfect team.

Unfortunately, Allie sees them when she’s done counting the supplies at some of the smaller stores. Not wanting to interrupt, she storms off where she runs into Harry at a gas station. It looks like The Society has its first love square brewing when the two flirt with each other. While Allie does seem to be interested in him, she does also reveal where Kelly is. Harry claims he doesn’t care (yeah, right!) but does admit Allie is in the same boat so they should team up. For a second, it seems like she’ll agree but decides against it because Harry has always been a jerk to her sister.

Working off of Allie’s tip, he heads over to the store to confront the two. Will isn’t interested in some kind of big fight over Kelly and invites Harry to help them out. Sadly, he’s not interested and just wants to know why Kelly would want to ration food. Harry accuses them of helping Cassandra but Kelly quickly claims it was her idea. She also turns down his Fugitive invite again and tells him it’s not about choosing Will over Harry, or vice versa, but choosing work over play. Harry has spent his whole life partying through high school as the popular wealthy quarterback but they can no longer afford that luxury.

While Becca leaves Sam to investigate at town hall, she discovers that nausea she’s been feeling is because she’s pregnant! Sam also gets some interesting news from his father’s office that could be a clue to why the kids are there. A man requested 1.5 million dollars to remove the weird smell but Sam’s father and uncle refused to pay. Their response was dated from the day before they left on the trip, which could be related to why they were moved. Campbell is furious his brother would want to share that information because he thinks people will blame them for this. Sam begrudgingly hands over the letter and his brother destroys it.

In the premiere of The Society, it seemed like Campbell wanted chaos in West Ham. However, this hour shows us a different side of his character. He doesn’t want chaos, but rather the power he can seize while everyone is hiding scared. He grabs Cassandra outside of the church to try and get on her side with the offer to partner up. However, she knows her cousin well enough to know he’s not being honest. Especially when he insinuates that the two of them are lucky since they have their siblings. Nevertheless, it seems to be a sore spot for Campbell that Sam is staying with his cousins while he’s not invited.

After a day full of preparation, Harry’s game finally begins. Elle, realizing she has absolutely no friends, decides to join in at the last minute thanks to some words of comfort from Grizz. Allie also shows up, needing a distraction after growing frustrated by the way Cassandra leads Gordie on. Harry is happy nonetheless, and the two hop in his Maserati to begin the chase. However, this game feels extremely uneven. Why wouldn’t the fugitives just hide in the woods or a building if all of the cops are in cars?

The kids not playing on The Society just go about their lives semi-normally. Becca walks Sam home but he does lie about not finding anything. Meanwhile, Cassandra comes clean to Gordie about her Yale boyfriend since he’s too smart to not figure it out. The two still remain close though and Gordie is still dedicated to helping her. Finally, Will and Kelly have dinner at the grocery store where he cooks a meal thanks to his experience in foster homes. He definitely views her as perfect and thinks she’s lucky to have grown up in a privileged lifestyle. However, she resents that idea since it led to her being unable to fend for herself.

It’s nice to see The Society seem dedicated to making Kelly into a character who’s interested in learning and surviving rather than just boys. She rebuffs Will’s attempts at romance but still wants to work with him to help out everyone.

Fugitive goes about as well as expected, with Allie getting hit by a car but fueled by enough adrenaline to keep playing. Harry kisses her after bonding and it doesn’t take long for the two to end up in bed together. It’s funny to see him so deeply in love and playing with her hair while Allie looks confused and disappointed by the whole experience. Afterward, the two can be seen sharing small smiles downstairs before the power goes out. The Guard volunteers to go get flashlights which causes a giant fight to break out in town.

The other kids set fire to the Guard’s car as people rush to safety. Cassandra, Gordie, Kelly, and Will arrive to watch the riot. They barely have time to register when Harry and Allie show up together to see just how bad things have gotten. Not to mention, they also discover there was no planned eclipse, which means they may not be in the right solar system anymore.

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While it happens in the midst of a few other storylines, Campbell and Elle get together. It’s a disturbing glimpse into his personality to see how he wears her down. The Society establishes here just how vulnerable Elle is and he slowly manages to escalate a situation with her. When vodka isn’t enough to win her over, he promises not to touch her before giving her some coke. The fact that she has no one else is enough to get Elle to play his games but we can’t imagine this relationship is going to end well.

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