Netflix’s Dark season 2 premiere recap: Beginnings and Endings

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The German Netflix show, Dark, returns for a second season with more twisted tales of deceit and time-traveling misadventures.

Dark season two begins on June 21, 1921, where two men adamantly chip away the rock in the ill-fated cave in Winden. The younger of the two men is governed by the prophecy given to him by Adam, that hell will be unleashed on Earth in six days. His older colleague, however, no longer believes everything Adam says. As the younger one confronts his colleague about his heresy, eventually killing him on Adam’s say-so, we see that this man of faith is none other than Noah – the mysterious priest from season one of the show. In a church elsewhere, older Noah looks down at a diary, which indicates that June 27, 2020 is the last cycle.

Adam, a new character on Dark, instructs Noah to locate the missing pages of the diary and informs him that the apocalypse must take place in six days.

The Apocalypse of 2020

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Six days before the apocalypse, a task force is set up to investigate the missing people – those include Mikkel, Jonas, and Yasin. The father of one of the children interrogates the task force lead, Clausen, about their potential for success. There are only six people on the force and one of them is the Sheriff, Charlotte Doppler, who failed to recover the missing children. Clausen insists that Doppler is best placed to put all the leads together, but he isn’t winning any brownie points with his anecdotal rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Aleksander Tiedemann, head of the contentious nuclear power plant in Winden, announces to all his staff that the plant will be shutting down in six days. The building will be demolished and the materials transported. What goes so terribly wrong that Winden ignites an apocalypse?

Back at the Kahnwald residence, Jonas’ mother Hannah is struggling with the loss of her son. His disappearance came shortly after the suicide of her husband, Michael, and now she is contemplating a similar fate for herself. With a gun trained on herself, Hannah is interrupted by an unknown figure – older Jonas from 2052. He shares anecdotes with her that only Jonas could know, and Hannah embraces her son with open arms. Hannah asks after her Jonas, and his older self explains that Jonas is in the future and can’t come back because the time-traveling passage has been closed.