Stranger Things season 3: Netflix drops final trailer


Netflix dropped its final trailer for Stranger Things 3. We now have a pretty good idea about what’s in store for our heroes. Everyone’s in danger. We’ve got the recap.

Our New Year’s present from Netflix was a teaser trailer for Stranger Things 3. There was a lot more information for deprived fans than the Star Court Mall trailer from July of 2018 provided. We got the first real glimpse of all of our heroes, a poster, and the release date. There was also a theory that some codes on a computer console harkened back to elements of the previous two seasons. The threatening voiceover in the latest trailer seems to confirm that all three seasons are connected. They’re connected in the worst possible way.

Seemingly directed at Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown), the voice claims that she let them into our world. And, now that they’re here, they’ll destroy her and everyone else along with her. Based on the images that accompany the voiceover, all signs point to them being the Demogorgon. Or, to be more precise, the Demogorgon from Stranger Things 1.

At the end of the first season, Eleven sacrifices herself by disintegrating the Demogorgon who was the central villain. But, what if the Demogorgon survived and became the disembodied particle cloud that possesses Will (Noah Schnapp) in Stranger Things 2? It would explain why Will was targeted as the unluckiest of victims in both previous seasons. It was the same villain who was simply attending to unfinished business.

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The dormant demodogs, including the one Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), preserved with Steve’s (Joe Kerry) help, plus whatever else crossed over from the gate could be reanimated. And there’s no way for them to go back to the Upside Down because Eleven seems to have permanently sealed the gate if you listen to the voice over carefully.

So, by saving the world, the Party may have put it in ultimate peril. That makes the summer setting of Stranger Things 3 perfect. It’ll show the Party finally being able to enjoy summer as kids. The most important things are what to do, what to wear, and who likes who. And all of that will be ripped away by the new/old threat.

It’s unclear what role the Mind Flayer will play in this season. It seems to be locked on the other side of the Gate. Is it simply the parent of the demo-beings or is it the demo-beings? Instead of a hive mind being cut off by the gate, perhaps it has slowly transferred its consciousness to the resources it has on our side of the gate.

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One thing was made clear from almost the start of the trailer. The disembodied cloud (and perhaps Demogorgon) that possessed Will is back and needs a new spy. Instead of turning a sweet, humble kid into a scary talking traitor, the cloud chooses someone who has a rep for being a tool: Billy (Dacre Montgomery). Uh oh, Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono). Be careful. Billy may look pretty, but he’s got something dark on the inside.

Stranger Things 3 premieres exclusively on Netflix on July 4. Are you excited? Are you counting down the days till we get to visit the Star Court mall? Let’s discuss in the comments!