Jessica Jones season 3 review: A dark conclusion for the Netflix/Marvel universe

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Photo Credit: Netflix

The final scene of the series is Jessica preparing to leave the city when the ominous purple lighting returns. Kilgrave’s voice comes back and makes fun of her for leaving. She pauses before confidently turning back, ready to face whatever comes her way. Does this mean that Kilgrave is actually back? Or just a reminder that no matter where she runs, Jessica can’t escape her own trauma. Either way, it brings the show full circle as Jessica decides to turn around and take control of her own life.

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In that sense, Jessica’s storyline and journey do feel complete. However, fans don’t really get a satisfying conclusion for anyone else. Malcolm is handed Alias Investigations except Jessica comes back so it’s unclear if he’ll be a partner or an employee. Trish hasn’t really done anything worse than Frank Castle, who is undoubtedly a hero to many, and now she’s living a life in solitary confinement without a trial. We’ll never get to know if she gets a redemption arc at the Raft or ever makes up with Jessica. Either way, for the final Defenders series, Jessica Jones ends things on an extremely dark note.

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