The Punisher season 2 premiere recap: Roadhouse Blues


The Punisher season two has finally arrived!

Frank Castle might have ended the first season of The Punisher as a free man but he was never going to stay that way. “Roadhouse Blues” spends a majority of the hour showing us what Frank has been up to since he left New York City. The action doesn’t start until the very end (although we get a glimpse of it at the very beginning), but it does give us time to get acquainted with two new characters this season: Josh Stewart’s bad guy and Giorgia Whigham’s Amy Bendix.

The premiere opens up with a blood-soaked Frank and Amy trying to avoid the car behind them. Unfortunately, they’re cut off by another group who demands they come out with their hands up. Clearly, these people have never heard of Frank’s reputation or they would never try such an amateur move. Frank grabs his gun, shoots all of the people in front of him, before driving in reverse to take out the others behind the van.

How exactly did these two get here? It all started with a bar, Lola’s Roadhouse. Frank is staying at the motel across the street but decided to stop by for some beer and live music. He gets more than he bargained for with a friendly bartender named Beth. A teenage girl, Amy, comes up to the bar just to get a Sprite and insult Frank quickly before taking off. Beth gets harassed by a rude drunk guy, Johnny, at the bar who won’t take no for an answer. Frank, ever the gentleman, tries to calmly defuse the situation and have the guy relax. Unfortunately, Johnny doesn’t take rejection well and he insults Beth under his breath.

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Frank calls him classy and Johnny decides to jab him to show him who’s boss. However, Frank easily subdues him and encourages him to leave. When Johnny once again attempts to attack, the bouncer intervenes and escorts him out. Beth is thankful, even though she’s gotten used to drunk idiots, and gives him a beer on the house.  The two get to talking and eventually, it leads to an invitation back to Beth’s.

Meanwhile, Amy is dealing with the main villain from this season of The Punisher. She calls a man, Konchevsky, who is in the process of getting murdered. Apparently, Amy used to work for a woman named Fiona but everyone there had been murdered. Whatever it was those people were looking for, she has it now but wants out of this life. She’ll meet with Konchevsky at Lola’s tomorrow night and hand over whatever is in the backpack. Unfortunately, Stewart’s character is listening in the whole time and we know Amy is about to get herself into some serious trouble.

At Beth’s house, we learn she’s a single mom who loves music. The two sleep together and the scenes are interspersed with laughter and conversation. Even when Frank comes clean for lying about his name earlier in the premiere, Beth still forgives him. The next morning, her son Rex arrives and three decide to head out for pancakes. He’s an avid hockey player and during the week Beth teaches music to continue her passion. It’s the image of a happy family, and when Frank gets the chance to see Beth again he can’t pass it up.

While he does make an attempt to get on the road, he eventually turns back to go to Lola’s. Frank doesn’t realize he’s made a bad decision until he’s kissing Beth at the bar. He notices a bunch of organized criminals enter and begin to search the place. Considering he bumped into a fearful Amy fleeing his motel earlier, he’s able to take a quick guess who they’re after.

Amy quickly figures it out as well, and she rushes to find an escape route in the girl’s bathroom. She’s able to toss her backpack out the window, but unfortunately gets stuck on her way out. Three women drag her out and begin to beat her for information. The Punisher sends Frank in to save the day by taking out the man guarding the bathroom before facing off against the others. He easily dispatches them and Amy decides she’s safest by sticking with him.

It doesn’t take long for the fight to expand into an all-out brawl. Frank has Amy duck underneath the bar while he handles anyone who comes his way. However, Beth attempts to shoot a woman who’s about to fire at Frank and gets a bullet to the shoulder for her bravery. Frank is devastated, and he grabs the two girls in order to make a break for the nearest hospital.

Now, The Punisher catches up to its introduction as Beth lays in the trunk holding onto her shoulder. They make it to the hospital in time but Beth is worrying because Rex is home alone. He’ll be scared if she doesn’t return and who knows if someone will head there to hurt him. Frank promises to call and make sure he’s all right before driving off into the night with Amy. He’s hoping more people come for her because he’s going to make them pay.

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Definitely seems like he’ll get his wish this season since we see Stewart’s villain looking over the crime scene. He tells the local Lieutenant to play off the whole thing as a gang war. One of the fighters from the bar, Marlena, appears to be his right-hand man. As they watch over security footage, he’s confident he’ll find someone who knows Frank Castle.

The Punisher also gives us a parting shot of Jigsaw still in his hospital bed. Dinah Madani is watching over him and drinking. Just as she leaves, Billy’s eyes open under his intricate new mask and he’s officially out of his coma.

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