Preacher: AMC drops final season trailer at SDCC

Good, evil, and everything in between. Preacher’s final season trailer has got it all. AMC released the closer look at SDCC. We’ve got the details!

As we reported back in April, season four of Preacher will be its last. The announcement prepared fans to appreciate the show in its final episodes. And, maybe the publicity of such an announcement could draw in a few new viewers. The crowd that always wanted to check it out, but kept putting it off.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed Preacher returning for late night episode blocks on AMC to get fans ready for the premiere. Last week, AMC released a teaser trailer for the new season. This  weekend at San Diego Comic Con, there was an official Preacher panel with a fresh new trailer to geek us up even more before the August 4th premiere.

It opens up with Hitler banging away on the piano. He appears to be in charge of Hell, right where Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) left him at the end of season three. When we catch up with Jesse and Tulip (Ruth Negga), they are still in hot pursuit of their Irish vampire buddy Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun).

We see a lot of Jesse walking around and probably using his powers. Tulip is providing sheik shade in more iconic threat poses. Cassidy looks to be in real trouble. And, god still wants Jesse to leave him alone. He wants to be left alone so badly that he may launch a nuclear war on Jesse if he doesn’t back off.

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Yeah. Preacher is back. It’s the last season, so why play it safe now? This is AMC’s Legion. Except, where Legion questions spirituality and faith on more existential terms, Preacher questions spirituality and faith head on. It’ll be interesting to see where the character arcs end. But, it’ll be far more interesting to see where the overall story goes and how it wraps things up. One thing is for sure: it’s going to be a wild ride.

Are you excited for the August 4th premiere of Preacher on AMC? Are you bummed that this is its last season? Let’s discuss in the comments!