Preacher makes Humperdoo a series regular for season 4


While he was never a giant part of the comic books, Preacher season 4 has decided to make Humperdoo a series regular for the fourth season of the AMC series.

Tyson Ritter, the lead singer for The All American Rejects plays Humperdoo, the descendant of Jesus Christ, in the AMC comic book series based on the characters by Garth Enis and Steve Dillon.

Deadline Hollywood reports that Ritter will become a series regular in Preacher season 4.

Up to this point, Humperdoo/Jesus has only appeared in five episodes as a recurring character.

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Humperdoo was first mentioned in the season two episode “Pig” and then Ritter first appeared as the character in “Dirty Little Secret.” Of course, the dirty little secret is that Humperdoo is the result of centuries of inbreeding to keep the bloodline of Jesus Christ pure.

That means he isn’t really all there in the head. Despite that, The Grail wants to place him out front to play the role of the Savior when they start the apocalypse.

At the same time, Herr Starr (Pip Torrens) knows that this is a huge mistake and wants to use Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper) and his Voice of God powers to complete The Grail’s task.

In Preacher season 3, Ritter appeared in four episodes, including “The Coffin,” “The Tom/Brady,” “Schwanzkopf” and “The Light Above.”

In “Schwanzkopf,” Jesse kills Allfather D’Aronique and regains his soul but then refuses to kill Humperdink and instead frees him along with all the clones that The Grail created. With all the Humperdink clones running free, Herr Starr realizes he won’t be able to know which is the real one.

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There is also the fact that The Grail still plans a nuclear apocalypse where only those people who believe in Humperdink as the savior will live.

With Humperdink running free, it seems that season 4 of Preacher will make him a little more of a Eugene or Hitler character — something different than we saw in the comics.

Preacher season 4 will premiere later in 2019.