Primetime Emmys 2019: Awards show will go without a host

The Emmys will follow the Oscars decision to go host-less this year.

In a surprising move, The Emmys will go without a host for the fourth time in history. Deadline reports that both Fox and The Television Academy didn’t see the need to hire someone as the host. Considering viewers seemed to enjoy the Oscars’ choice to do the same, maybe this is a sign more award ceremonies will switch to this format.

Charlie Collier, the CEO of Fox Entertainment, spoke a bit about the decision and how it will positively impact the ceremony.

“Our job is to assess as to how to elevate the program in the year that we have it. If you have a host and an opening, that’s 15 or 20 minutes you can‘t have to salute the shows.”

This isn’t a totally new choice for The Emmys, with the ceremony going host-less four other times as mentioned above. However, it hasn’t been done since 2003 where Fox also went without a host. The ceremony is rotated through the big four networks, with NBC and CBS also airing the event without a host.

One of the major reasons to transition to going host-less this year is the success of the Oscars. Kevin Hart publicly pulled out of his hosting gig for that event following some previous insensitive comments. With no one else seemingly interested in the job, the Oscars went without a host. Surprisingly, the ratings went up and it allowed for award winners to actually give an acceptance speech without the constant interruption of music.

While Collier maintains that the decision was made to focus on the best television series of the year, he did admit that the Oscars’ success did play a part. However, he also confirmed there will be an opening number as well as some surprises so viewers can expect some entertaining skits in between announcements.

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Source: Deadline