A Weeds sequel is in the works, and we can’t contain our excitement

Weeds, the iconic Showtime dark comedy about a family who turns to marijuana to get by, is producing a sequel to be aired in Starz.

When Weeds was on the air on Showtime, it was a grand time to be alive.

The dark comedy aired for eight seasons and revolved around the Botwin family, who turned to marijuana to support the family, hence the name of the show. It was revolutionary when it debuted in 2005, a time when marijuana wasn’t as widely accepted as it is now.

That’s what has us looking forward to the sequel of this iconic comedy.

According to Deadline, Starz has taken over the reins of the series and is spearheading a sequel to Weeds. The rebooted series will pick up where we last left off with the Botwin family, who was dealing with the beginnings of marijuana legalization.

In a lot of ways, this was a story that the writers have been dying to do ever since Weeds went off the air in 2012. With marijuana becoming widely accepted and legal, how would that affect the Botwin’s’ business knowing that their biggest competitor is the government?

The theme and arch of the rebooted show will present the writers with an onslaught of episode ideas to try to push the story forward. The writers could also look at how legalized marijuana has made an impact on the underground trade and its effect on modern society.

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When Weeds went off the air, marijuana wasn’t legal in the Golden State, the place where the series takes place. Now that it’s legal to “chief up” anywhere in California, it would be interesting to see just how the Botwins respond to the massive shift to legal weed.

Weeds were Showtime’s highest-rated show when it ran, and Starz is looking for the reboot to bring in extra riches.

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