The Spy season 1, episode 4 recap, explained: The Odd Couples

Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy David Lukacs/Netflix
Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy David Lukacs/Netflix /

We move on to episode four of the initial season of Netflix’s The Spy, with Sacha Baron Cohen. Operative 88 is now fully immersed in everything Syrian.

Episode four begins two years later with celebratory gunfire, waking Eli; the Syrian’s claim a battle victory over Israelis. Citizens of Damascus march together in the streets in support of their country. Dead, charred bodies of Israel’s troops and their defeated tank make 88 uneasy. Then, Ahmed Suidani, from Buenos Aires, reintroduces himself to The Spy. Who immediately excuses himself.

Lieutenant Ma’zai claims only Syrian soldiers were killed in the gunfight; apparently the laid out deceased had been dressed to look like the Israeli army. Mossad agents discuss whether or not to allow Eli to visit enemy lines with Ma’zai. Nadia misses a bus for work; she is tired and upset due to missing Eli. Her boss sends her home.

Traveling together in a sports car, Eli and Ma’zai then survey the scenery when arriving at the lake. 88 is deep in enemy territory now, as his companion shows him around the war-damaged area. Colonel Hatoum arrives and receives an introduction to the operative, then the officer takes Eli on a tour.

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Obviously this trip around the war post is extremely beneficial for Israeli intelligence – if 88 can transmit the information home. Because 88 – or Eli, The Spy – is being led around his opposition’s fighting domain, whilst learning their skills and of their weaponry. To test him, the colonel encourages Eli to shoot a soldier from Israel. This makes Eli sweat but the officer stops him before he has to shoot, as though it’s a joke.

We learn that colonel Hatoum has prostitutes delivered to the barracks. Dan meets Dan to vent her frustrations; they go to dinner. 88 meets Ma’zai’s powerful uncle, the general, at the traditional baths.

When the general leaves the nephew asks personal questions then also leaves; not before sending a woman to 88’s room. Due to the later rejecting the woman’s advances, Ma’zai asks what the problem is. Meanwhile, Dan and Nadia become closer. Afterward, Eli takes pictures of sensitive military documents and observes the barracks’ set-up.

While venturing out to get more Intel close to the border between Israel and Syria, Eli has to evade troops. He meets a Jewish man. It is made clear to Eli that Ma’zai trusts him. Next up, Nadia tells Dan not to hang around and requests her husband’s return.

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In the countryside whilst cruising, Eli and Ma’zai learn that a Syrian unit was captured when crossing the border. Subsequently, 88 sends more Morse code to his superiors, including his contact with the commander-in-chief. The Spy’s bosses are very proud of his achievements.

Suidani unexpectedly knocks on 88’s door and asks Eli to come with him, only to be blindfolded in the back of a car. The leader of the outlawed Syrian Bath movement – Saddam Hussein’s party – is at the rendezvous the latter is taken to. Getting to the general is the motive for the meeting, so 88 will throw a party for all to convene. Syrian fortifications are now easier for Israel to pinpoint, thanks to Eli’s recommendation to plant trees for shade.