Netflix’s The Spy season 1, episode 3 recap, explained: Alone in Damascus

Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy Axel Decis/Netflix
Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy Axel Decis/Netflix /

Welcome to Show Snob’s recap and explanation article on Netflix’s Sacha Baron Cohen Israeli espionage true story, The Spy. We are on episode 3 of season 1.

The Spy season one, episode three starts with Eli learning how to detonate an inconspicuous bomb. Additionally, he is given orders not to take a risk or transmit from his new location too early. While aboard the boat deck, he notices a person of interest.

At dinner, whilst traveling to Beirut, Eli impresses the mark by spending lavishly. Then he invites him to share expensive, rare wine; they discuss the politics of the country. Though the Sheikh is unimpressed at the subject and leaves.

As a peace offering, Eli offers a lift to Syria  – the Sheikh rejects the offer but accepts the apology for the talk. Eventually, the pair share a car to Damascus together. When stopped at a checkpoint, they are asked to wait as their vehicle is checked.

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Subsequently, Eli vomits due to the apprehension of being exposed as The Spy. Not to mention the guards may have accidentally set off the explosives. Consequently, the Sheikh asks Eli what was in the case, because the latter bribed an official to let them through – he explains it away as graphic pornography.

Next up the audience is shown Eli and his wife, Nadia, miss one another. Their lives are different: he assembles a bomb while she eats mundanely. Jacob is concerned that Dan gives his operative’s partner food and clothes for the baby. However, ‘Operative 88’ – or Eli – gives a bulletin about being successfully planted. This news suppresses the other issue.

Mossad plan to get information from a rich district of Damascus. “88” is out in his new neighborhood and browsing the sights. Afterward, he buys a salesman’s entire stock of tables for his new, front export business. Some of the tables are covered in the local newspaper and have intelligence photograph film placed inside them and are shipped to Israel.

Now Mossad have a network of the persons under suspicion. We learn that Dan is upset about losing a former, young agent he was handling who was tortured. Obviously he doesn’t want to commit errors of judgment or ignore his intuition again.

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Four months later, Eli meets a shop owner he has been dealing with; the dealer is told he will get a slight increase in profit. Following this Eli makes a connection with a lieutenant, the nephew of the Syrian commander-in-chief. Who drinks a lot of alcohol and thusly falls asleep at the former’s apartment. Immediately Eli uses Morse code to transmit verification of his work.

In the morning lieutenant Ma’azi and Eli joke in an intense manner – creating a further illusion of a bond. Nadia goes for a rare night out with a friend at the request of her family. Though her mate’s partner arrives unexpectedly and obtains Nadia’s ticket to an important event. Of course, Nadia feels very lonely once more; as does Dan. Meanwhile, Eli continues his infiltration.