The Politician season 1, episode 5 recap: The Voter

Photo: Ben Platt / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: Ben Platt / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix /

The Politician seeks to focus on one particular character in this episode–Elliot.

The Politician decides to take a leap of faith by spending most of this episode focused on one character, Elliot. Elliot is unclear as to who he wants to vote for in the election, but Astrid and Payton are determined to make sure his vote is theirs.

The thing about Elliot is that he’s having a rough at home, and as soon as he arrives at school, he’s bombarded by Team Payton. Unfortunately for them, Elliot overhears their plan to recruit him to their side. They don’t actually care about Elliot, but just want to secure his vote. Side note: The guy was masturbating in the school bathroom when he overheard James and Payton’s conversation, so there’s that.

During the election day debate, Payton changed things up last minute and announced that Skye would be his running mate. Meanwhile, Astrid announces that Pierre is her new running mate and makes it a point to say that she fired Skye from her campaign.

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I’m not sure Pierre is the best option for Astrid, however, because he starts to make some big promises. He said he’ll bring Drake to prom, so you can see where he’s trying to go with this. And if that wasn’t enough, Infinity shows up to point blame on Payton for using her for her cancer.

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The mission to bring Elliot to their side continues after the eventful debate. Payton promises all sorts of things to Elliot, but when the time comes to vote, he doesn’t actually do anything. And given that Elliot did not cast a vote, it could very well determine the outcome of the election. And we all know how that works out in real life, don’t we?

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