The Politician season 1, episode 4 recap: Gone Girl

Photo: Theo Germaine, Julia Schlaepfer, Laura Dreyfuss / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: Theo Germaine, Julia Schlaepfer, Laura Dreyfuss / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix /

Astrid goes missing on The Politician–and her parents blame Payton.

The Politician ended on an interesting note at the end of episode 3, leaving this one to begin with Astrid’s disappearance. Naturally, her parents are upset and freaking out and 100% blame Payton for it. Unfortunately, Payton is dealing with enough already after Infinity’s scathing vacation video.

His team of not so merry bandits comes to the decision that Infinity has to go, and can no longer be on Payton’s campaign. It’s a horrible idea, and it’s only going to bring him down. Trying to be the voice of reason is James, who thinks that getting involved in any of this Infinity business was a mistake from the get-go. If anyone finds out they knew her truth all along, it will make things a hell of a lot more worse.

It’s up to Payton to let Infinity know, but he has yet another issue to deal with–Astrid’s disappearance. He’s brought in by the authorities but somehow ends up in the trunk of a car. One guess as to who did that to him. Yup, his parents. They’ve bought his freedom after he freaks out at a diner. Goodness, The Politician is not holding anything back when it comes to random tangents in this story.

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With Astrid missing, Skye decides she’ll hold a vigil for her, and run in her honor. But let’s not start mourning Astrid just yet, because she is just fine. In fact, she’s off with Ricardo in New York City.

She’d love for Payton to go to jail for her disappearance, but Alice steps in to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Payton finally meets up with Infinity and tells her everything he knows about her lies. She’s baffled to know that her grandmother could have anything to do with this.

However, she confronts dear ‘ol Nana about everything she’s learned from Payton. But Nana isn’t ready to confess to her crimes just yet.

Meanwhile, Ricardo and Astrid decide to come home after Ricardo starts to miss Infinity. Wow, this The Politician romance didn’t last very long, did it? In any case, Astrid goes back home and tells the truth about her staged disappearance. Her hope is that she’ll pick up where she left off with the campaign.

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That is far from what happens as she loses Skye as her VP, who is now trying to get on Team Payton, even though he isn’t too keen on letting her join. Whatever is going to happen, better happen fast considering election day is just one day away!

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