Will the launch of Disney Plus eventually hurt Netflix?


Consumers won’t be able to subscribe to all of the streaming platforms. Could the launch of Disney Plus eventually hurt Netflix?

Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Peacock…any others? With all the streaming platforms already available or set to be released in the next year, 99% of consumers won’t be able to subscribe to all of them. Most television/movie fanatics are expected to have at least a few in their “viewing rolodexes,” but this means some services could fall by the wayside.

Unveiled to the world on November 12th, many expect Disney Plus and it’s a treasure trove of content to be a major challenger to what has been the “king” of streaming, Netflix. There should plenty of room for both platforms to thrive, but could Disney hinder Netflix’s subscriber growth?

According to investment bank and financial services company Credit Suisse, Netflix executives should be resting easy, at least for now. Their analysis indicates that Disney Plus’s release has thus far had “little-to-no” impact on their viewership trends and subscriber numbers.

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Things will get more challenging as Disney+ and Apple TV+ continue to ramp up their content production and HBO Max and Peacock get released in 2020, but the early indicators have been favorable for Netflix.

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Although the platform will be losing some of its hit shows like Friends and The Office, Netflix’s heavy spending on content should be able to keep viewers coming back.

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