Silicon Valley season 6, episode 5 recap: Tethics


Russ Hanneman returns to Silicon Valley to pitch the idea of…Russfest.

Silicon Valley has only two episodes left for the series. Why, oh, why are we already at the end?! This week’s episode pokes fun at the infamous Fyre Festival by bringing back Russ Hanneman as he presents the idea of “Russfest”. He wants Pied Piper’s to hold a ridiculous festival out in the desert.

Richard and the crew immediately reject the idea, because it sounds expensive and like a waste of time. As Russ points out after the rejection, Pied Piper never helps him out while he’s usually around to give them the cash they need. They could humor him just this once, can’t they?

Meanwhile, Gavin Belson presents a huge problem for Richard this week. Feeling like he has nothing more to offer, Belson introduces an idea that he calls “tethics”–technology + ethics. The idea is for tech companies to practice more ethical behavior instead of trying to cheat the system and the people who use it.

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Most of Silicon Valley is on board with “tethics” but Richard refuses to support it. He doesn’t agree with it and thinks it’s all very hypocritical. But when everyone around him begins voicing their support and it begins to affect him, he calls Belson up to say he’ll sign the pledge.


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Richard ends up getting himself screwed over when he tries to take down Gavin. Instead, Gavin turns things around and files an injunction with Pied Piper. Because of it, it puts a freeze on all Hooli/Pied Piper related things. They literally can’t do anything because Gavin played them, and he may be able to completely strip Pied Piper of everything.

Richard has to ask Dinesh to come back from Hawaii, where he was testing the HooliPhones. He joins the rest of the group after Richard decides to do something he never wanted to do–work with Russ. Given that they may soon be out of business, Russ offers a way out by asking the attorney general to stop the injunction. As it turns out, Russ has some incriminating evidence against the mayor, evidence that involves Russ in some questionable situations.

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He never got in trouble for it, so he can basically blackmail the AG to work in Richard’s favor. As much as he doesn’t want to team up with Russ and do the “Russfest”, Richard has no choice. Looks like we’re heading to “Russfest” next week, folks! Are you ready for it?

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