11 binge-worthy Netflix originals to end the year right

The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes /
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The Chosen One: Season Two – December 6

The Chosen One is a creepy, culty kind of series about a group of doctors sent to a small village to perform mandatory vaccinations only to discover that the villagers believe themselves to be protected from sickness by their blessed leader, The Chosen One. The villagers believe that medicine is evil and that the doctors have come to kill them. The doctors end up as prisoners in the village and crazy things happen from there. Oddly, this Brazilian series is based on a Mexican series called Niño Santo.

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America does a lot of remakes of foreign originals, but you don’t often think about other countries relying on remakes for content. Based on the trailers, the two look pretty similar, with the Mexican version benefiting in the atmosphere from the grittiness of its low production values and in prestige from its producer Diego Luna. The Brazilian version certainly doesn’t lack in creepy atmosphere, though, and Netflix didn’t hesitate to renew the series for the second season. Niño Santo wrapped up after two seasons, so unless Netflix feels the need to stretch it out, this will probably be the series’ last season.

Virgin River: Season One – December 6

Virgin River is a feel-good drama about a nurse practitioner (Alexandra Breckenridge) who runs away from her life in Los Angeles after some kind of traumatic incident and starts a new life in a small-town community. Its a kind of fish out of water tale as she starts a new job with a crotchety old country doctor and strikes up a romance with the local bartender. Not only must she prove her worth to the townspeople as she builds her new life, but she must prove her worth to herself as she comes to terms with whatever happened to her.

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She encounters plenty of judgment, not just from the townspeople but from her family back home. The trailer has the local community making a big deal about how beautiful she is and her big-city origins while her family tells her she’s crazy for trying to run away from her problems. With perseverance and good character, she slowly wins over the townspeople and comes to terms with her past. It feels very much like one of those heartwarming family dramas on the CW, so if you like those, this will be right up your alley.