Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler: Marvel animated shows scrapped by Hulu

Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler won’t be heading to Hulu.

Are The Offenders over before they ever begin? Deadline is reporting Hulu has chosen not to move forward with two of their upcoming Marvel animated series, Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler.

It seems like The Offenders team-up is officially dead. Hit Monkey and MODOK are both still in development at Hulu, with the latter rounding out its cast recently. However, the announcement of these four shows seemed to tease a Defenders style universe, but now there are only two characters left.

A couple of weeks ago, Tigra & Dazzler was put on hold when the Erica Rivinoja, the showrunner, left the series along with the writers. While it was originally reported Hulu was searching for a new creative team, Deadline has updated to say the show is officially dead.

Apparently, Marvel and Kevin Feige were the ones to decide the fate of these two shows. While Marvel Television under Jeph Loeb seems to be coming to an end, everything is up on the chopping block. The other two animated shows and the live-action Helstrom are currently still in production, however, it will be interesting to see if they remain off the chopping block in the coming weeks. Especially since Marvel seems dedicated to building up its base on Disney+ rather than Hulu.

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Are you disappointed Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler won’t be moving forward? Did you want to see The Offenders team-up on Hulu? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Deadline

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