V Wars season 1, episode 5 recap: Cold Cold Ground

In episode 5 of Netflix series V Wars, the war of humans vs. vampires is ready to take off. Also, more is learned of the genetic cause behind vampirism.

Previously on V Wars, we were introduced to several new vampire characters, although we didn’t catch all of their names. Also, “V Wars” mentioned a new type of vampire, the Verdulak. Episode 4 also ended with a literal bang, as an explosion killed the Department of National Security’s Claire O’Hagan (Kandyse McClure).

The explosion also injured DNS head honcho Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge). Episode 5 begins with a vampire pretending to be a human pursued by vampires, who then attacks a real human.

The rest of the vampire crew takes over the fortified building, intending to make it their own stronghold. General William May (Jonathan Higgins) takes over from the deceased Claire. It is quickly learned that a cell phone triggered the explosion.

Although Niklos survived, he’ll likely run at full capacity. The explosion is also quickly pinned on Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), the vampire leader, and former pal of Dr. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder).

V Wars intensify

Josh (Morgan David Jones) is still being used as a steady blood source for Danika (Kimberly-Sue Murray), the proven Verdulak who injects addictive venom into her prey items. This blood slavery, of course, demonstrates that vampires are not particularly pleasant. On that note, General May gives a strongly anti-Fayne and anti-vampire speech to the media.

He says it’s terrorism and proposes internment camps (though he calls them something else). Meanwhile, Fayne himself organizes the “Bloods” under oath: “Take pride, give help, don’t kill kids” (although one wonders why “kids” would start becoming valuable targets after the age of 18 — but that’s double standards for you!).

The DNS takes Dr. Swann along as they track Danika down. At first, the MacGyver-like Swann refuses to carry a gun. However, a DNS agent named Big Dog (Benz Antoine) gives him one anyway.  Soon enough, the DNS infiltrates Danika’s place, which looks almost like an opium den.

After a brief fight in which Dr. Swann is almost bitten, the offending vampires are captured.

Eller (Tyler Williams) and Swann put the vamps onto the bus. However, Danika easily breaks free from her zip tie, attacks, then flees the bus. Vampire hunter Bobby (Greg Bryk) shows up in time to shoot her, then Jimmy Saint (Michael Greyeyes) sets out to track her down. They end up in a Mexican standoff, and they go their separate ways as a result.

Meanwhile, much to Dr. Swann’s chagrin, Bobby shoots Danika’s victims, based on the false belief that they’re guaranteed to become vampires. One of Bobby’s pals, Walker (Jonathan Koensgen), is then tasked with killing Dr. Swann for being a witness. However, Swann shoots him first, much to his own surprise. Jimmy then returns but leaves, all but totally blowing his cover as an FBI guy.

Other stuff that happens

Michael Fayne asks Ava O’Malley (Sydney Meyer) to become second-in-command. We get a lesson that vampires are capable of ethics. When an unnamed vampire (Bryn Kennedy) proposes killing a homeless man (Allan Dobrescu) to fellow vampire (and Danika’s sister), Mila Dubov (Laura Vandervoort), Mila turns the tables and slays her instead!

There’s another big moment, too: Teresa (Samantha Cole) informs Dr. Swann about the NH47 gene, a common trait in those who become vampires. Swan himself doesn’t have the gene, which is why he didn’t turn. Swann tells her not to inform the government and to encrypt her findings, knowing that the government will start targeting anyone with the genes.

V Wars briefly touches base with Kaylee Vo (Jacky Lai) and Jergen (Teddy Moynihan), who end up broadcasting Michael Fayne’s announcement of war on humans.

Fayne also urges “Bloods” to unite in the war. Finally, Dr. Swann returns home to his son, Desmond (Kyle Breitkopf), who is now sick. The obvious question: Will Dez be like his mother, who became a vampire, or is something else making him sick?

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