V Wars season 1, episode 4 recap: Bad as Me

Episode 4 of V Wars introduced new vampire characters, new types of vampires, and offers up a Hollywood-style explosion.

A lot of stuff happens in episode 4 of V Wars. Luther Swann (Ian Somerhalder) has 24 hours to track down the vampiric Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes). A self-styled vampire hunter and biker named Bobby (Greg Bryk) grows to distrust undercover agent Jimmy Saint (Michael Greyeyes) because Saint doesn’t show up with a gun to kill a suspected vampire named Mendoza (Mike Lawrence).

Scientist Teresa Tangorra (Samantha Cole) discusses whether Fayne’s disease is linked to the ancient “Verdulak legend” (originally from Aleksey Tolstoy’s 1839 novel, The Family of the Vourdalak). Fayne gets into a bloody battle with 3 hunters (Troy Feldman, Thomas Mitchell, and Brian Bisson). Fayne kills one but has to escape. He meets up with Ava O’Malley (Sydney Meyer), who is another vampire. He defends her but leaves when the police arrive.

More vampires come out of the woodwork, too. Danika (Kimberly-Sue Murray) ends up drinking neck-blood from Josh (Morgan David Jones). Because Josh survives, there’s every indication that he’ll also be a blood drinker.

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Later, Detective Yanov (Hardee T. Lineham) shows up, but it’s unclear exactly what will happen regarding Danika. Kaylee (Jacky Lai) and Jergen (Teddy Moynihan) have their website shut down by the DNS. However, they decide to re-establish themselves in a mobile van office. Dani (Kimberly-Sue Murray) is a vampire, as is Agent Fields (Emmanuel Kabongo). In fact, Dr. Swann and Agent Fields (Emmanuel Kabongo) end up taking him out like yesterday’s trash.

Meeting Mr. Fayne

By the episode’s end, Swann does meet Fayne in a cabin that only they know about…or so they think. However, the DNS sends in a sniper (Dylan Rampulla) to take Fayne out. This, of course, complicates things, and “V Wars” prevents things from getting sentimental for long. Rather than Michael Fayne peacefully surrendering, he somewhat reluctantly joins a new vampire gang unoriginally (in more ways than one) called “Bloods” One of their leaders seems to be Ava O’Malley.

Dr. Swann does get out alive, but things get pretty explosive toward the end. That is meant literally because Claire O’Hagan (Kandyse McClure) of the DNS appears to be killed in an explosion! It also seems that Calix Niklos (Peter Outerbridge) may be out of order for a while, if not flat-out deceased.  This might help Kaylee, though.

What is a Verdulak?

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V Wars doesn’t entirely explain what a Verdulak is. However, it’s strongly implied that it’s a different strain of vampire from Fayne’s. Instead of simply murdering someone, a Verdulak-style vampire seems to have its victims survive and possibly depend on getting bitten again. It appears to function as a drug. However, in Tolstoy’s novel, a Verdulak consumes the blood of its loved ones. This kind of vampire is prominent in Mario Bava’s 1963 film, Black Sabbath, wherein Boris Karloff plays such a vampire. If V Wars is going to have every kind of vampire, we may see some that sparkle pretty soon.

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