Is a Teen Wolf revival on the way?

Several former Teen Wolf stars recently voiced their opinion about a potential reboot of the MTV show. Should we expect to see a revival in the future?

Two years have flown by since MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf aired its series finale, yet new fans discover the show all the time thanks to the fact it is streaming on Amazon Prime. It still has a loyal and vocal fanbase.

Given the trend of reboots and revivals, it was only a matter of time before the idea started getting tossed around for the MTV show. For a while, Teen Wolf was MTV’s ratings juggernaut. It dominated the network and helped to launch the careers of actors like Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Colton Haynes, Holland Roden, and Dylan O’Brien.

A few days ago, some of the show’s former stars talked about wanting to do a revival on social media, reports Entertainment Weekly. Posey, who played the main character and Alpha werewolf Scott McCall, fired off a tweet to MTV asking the network to bring Teen Wolf back for a “high school reunion” special. He cited Jersey Shore: Family Vacation as proof that it could work.

His tweet prompted responses from at least two other actors from the show, Cody Christian, who played Theo Raeken, and Colton Haynes, who played Jackson Whittemore.

Fans appeared excited about the idea, too, since all three tweets got thousands of interactions from Twitter users.

It helps that the series ended with a lot of ambiguity and openness about Scott and his pack moving on to recruit more wolves. A reunion could certainly work and, in fact, the idea of a Teen Wolf reboot has been tossed around in the past.

The series was meant to return with a podcast that would take place in the future with a new cast, but it never came to fruition. Could now be the right time to reunite some of our favorite werewolves?

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Would you want to see a revival or reboot of Teen Wolf? What do you think the chances are that one happens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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