Horror movie reboots: The Conjuring and 5 films that would work on TV

Horror movie reboots aren’t uncommon; each year multiple movies get a makeover. However, here are five that we’d like to see rebooted on the small screen.

In the last few years, there has been a trend of both horror movie reboots and turning well-loved horror flicks into television series. Take, for example, the Emmy-nominated Bates Motel or the more recent series, The Purge. There’s also a few on the horizon, such as Child’s Play which was picked up by SyFy and an upcoming The Lost Boys series that’s made for The CW.

Personally, I’m loving my favorite movies coming to the small screen. There’s something about that episodic format that makes me love the stories I once knew even more. Perhaps, it’s the fact that television shows have the ability to dive deeper into the character and plot development because they’re not restricted by a two-hour duration. Whatever the reason, I’m here for it.

We’ve recently got to thinking about some films that we’d love to see as a TV series, which then got me zoning in on my favorite genre, horror. Here are five horror movies that I would love to see get a television reboot.

5. The Craft

Blumhouse is already giving the ’90s witch-flick, The Craft, a film-makeover but what I need is a TV show to fill the current teen-drama hole in my heart. The Craft centers around a group of girls who are practicing witchcraft, however, their spells don’t work out until the arrival of a new student.

Keeping The Craft set in the ’90s would be a solid win for anyone who decides to turn it into a series. The world loves nostalgia and that’s proven with the mass-popularity of Netflix’s Stranger Things, which revels in the ’80s. Can you imagine how amazing the soundtrack would be? Nirvana and Pearl Jam on repeat? I need it.

It’s safe to say that if a channel such as The CW decided to pick up a The Craft series, it’d quickly rise to the top of my all-time favorites.

4. Carrie

Stephen King’s books often get the film and television treatment; in fact, it was difficult to not make this list based on just his book-turned-film adaptions. However, there is one that I would absolutely love to see in an episodic format: Carrie.

Carrie has had multiple film-resurrections and although I’ve heard the story of Carrie White a few times, I can’t help but want more. Like with The CraftCarrie would make for the perfect teen drama.

There’s a lot that can be done prior to the huge prom showdown, such as watching Carrie come into her newly found powers and gaining a deeper insight into Carrie and her mother’s relationship. Another thing that can be done in a Carrie series is making it into a prequel where we really learn about Margaret White.

horror movie reboots

(L-R) VERA FARMIGA as Lorraine Warren, the Annabelle doll and PATRICK WILSON as Ed Warren in New Line Cinema’s horror film “ANNABELLE COMES HOME,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. horror movie reboots

3. The Conjuring Universe/The Warrens

We all know that The Warrens have seen some things in their lifetime; the paranormal investigators even have a museum displaying items from some of their cases, such as Annabelle. I wouldn’t necessarily need a The Conjuring reboot, but instead, a show following The Warrens.

Something that I think would work well and would love to see is each episode focusing on one case, with a more in-depth plot lingering throughout the series. Think early seasons of Supernatural.

2. Paranormal Activity

Found footage films might not be for everyone, but I’m a sucker for the sub-genre. I can write essays discussing why the first Paranormal Activity was such an important film to horror and how the crew executed their story perfectly. This 2007 movie was an absolute game-changer.

There’s been plenty of mockumentary style shows such as What We Do in the Shadows and Parks and Recreation, but we don’t often see found-footage on the small screen. A series such as Paranormal Activity would stand out in a pool of horror television shows.

1. IT

Ever since IT: Chapter One released in theaters, Pennywise has been the subject of many horror conversations. This two-part film probably stands as one of my favorite horror movie reboots of all time. Making this into a TV series would be tricky, but if placed in the right hands could be phenomenal.

There’s a lot that happens in IT; the book rests at over a thousand pages, so of course, you can imagine a lot was taken out when making the film. Which, quite honestly, I’m thankful for this — there are some book scenes that should never be seen. Yes, readers, you know the one that I’m referring to.

Yet, I love the Loser Club, and the coming-of-age aspect of IT. Give me more scenes of the losers bonding while trying to take down an evil force. Multi-tasking at its finest. Plus, an IT TV series could ride the high of both the recently released films and Stranger Things, which also has a strong coming-of-age element.

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What are some horror movie reboots that you’d love to see as a TV series? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments!

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