Elite Season 4: Netflix orders more of the Spanish-language drama

Elite -- Courtesy of Netflix
Elite -- Courtesy of Netflix /

Elite Season 4 has been given the green light by Netflix.

Elite Season 4 is officially happening at Netflix. The Spanish-language drama, is set for a new season of crime, romance, and unexpected surprises. Variety shared the news following an official announcement on the show’s social media channels.

In a video shot by the stars of Elite—from their homes, due to social distancing—it was announced that scripts for the fourth season had been received. The actors promised much excitement for the fans, with surprises that would definitely shock viewers.

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What Could Elite Season 4 Be About?

Elite has never been short of astonishing moments—from season one onwards, the writing team has covered numerous arcs, throwing in red herrings from time to time, and always ending the season on a note that nobody would have seen coming.

Set in a fictional Spanish school, Las Encinas, Elite follows a group of students who become entangled in the murder of a fellow classmate. While the majority of the students are from wealthy families, three students from the wrong side of the tracks win scholarships to attend and change the dynamics of the school completely.


It will be interesting to see the direction of the narrative in the coming season—in the third installment, a large number of core characters went onto pursue higher studies, some in other countries. The handful left behind will clearly be forming the core group in season four.

Though the series has generally been viewed as an erotic drama, Elite has proved to be far more layered—the story arcs focus on class differences, friendship, loss, grief, coming of age, and finding oneself. The characters have become more complex over the seasons, and the acting has become stronger. This is not your average teen drama.

Alongside announcing the season four news in the video, the cast of the show also gave a special shoutout to the character Omar Shanaa (played by Omar Ayuso), who has been on the periphery of Las Encinas, not really attending classes so as to take care of his parents’ grocery shop.

At the end of Elite‘s third season, Omar finally rejoined the school as a student alongside his boyfriend and other friends who were also repeating their final year. If the video is anything to go by, Omar might well be playing a key role in the coming story arcs.

Details about when Elite’s fourth season will be able to begin production have yet to be revealed—the current global conditions make it a bit difficult to actually shoot, let alone start post-production. Until more information is revealed, fans will have to take solace in the fact that the show has been renewed and that eventually there will be new content available.

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Elite seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix.